Return and refund policy

If you want to return or exchange, no matter what the reason, we are committed to providing 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products. We provide free return and exchange service within 30 days after your purchase. You can exchange the product you want to return to store credit points, other products, or return it by cash according to the original payment method.

The following are some restrictions on returns and exchanges.

The final discounted product will not be returned or exchanged
The tag and original packaging of the product should be kept intact
Goods should be kept intact
To initiate a return or exchange request, please follow the steps below:

Log in to the online return and exchange interface with your email address and order number
Select the product you want to return or exchange in the order
Print the prepaid express label, and then you will receive a reminder email
Return the product according to the provided express label

extra information:

The freight that the customer needs to bear
Replenishment costs that customers need to bear
How to deal with lost or damaged products
Contact information, convenient for customers to contact

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