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Manufactures/OEM/ODM/Wholesale Supplies Professional Nail Acrylic Powder & Nail Polymer Powder, Nail Acrylic Liquid & Nail Monomer Liquid From China For More Than 10 Years. The Raw Materials Of Our Acrylic Nail Powder Are Import From Germany, Taiwan, China… Which Enable Us to Supplies Different Level Quality and Price For Different DISTRIBUTOR from USA, UK, Mexico, Chile, UAE, Thailand….We Are Looking For The Distributor For Our Top Brand NRN. In The NRN Acrylic Nail System, We have Nail Acrylic Powder, Nail Acrylic Liquid, Nail Primer… For Our NRN Nail Acrylic Powder, It is As Good Quality As Keystone’s Nail Powder. Our NRN Acrylic Liquid Is With Slow and Fast Dry 2 Formula For Both Nail Salon Training and Resell. We Also Can Do Your Private Label and Supplies In 1 KG Bulk Supplies. For More details, Please Click

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