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Acrylic Nail Set Dipping Powder Kit

Acrylic Nail Set Dipping Powder Kit 1
  1. Basic knowledge of nail art and nursing

The origin and development of nail art, the physiological structure of nails, knowledge of nail art tools;

Skills for using basic nursing tools, skills for various A-type jobs, and tools for attaching various nails;

Common nail-type trimming techniques, natural nail standard care, application and removal of nail polish;

Selection and application of nail polish: classification of nail polish, color matching of nail polish, matching of nail accessories and nail polish, transition of nail polish, sketching technique, monochromatic nail polish, multi-color nail polish gradient, etc.

2.the methyl skills

Hand-painted basic knowledge and painting methods;

Hand-painted flower shape color matching and nail polish color matching;

Acrylic Nail material tool knowledge and use;

How to use paper tray;

Various Acrylic Nail production methods;

Acrylic Nail and accessories;

Acrylic Nail maintenance and repair;

Acrylic Nail removal method;

Understanding and painting of three-dimensional painted nail art;

Three-dimensional painted color nail art with transition, dyeing method;

Three-dimensional painted nail art, floral nail art combination;

Understanding and production of carved nail materials.

  1. Nail Skill Upgrading Unit

Method of carving manicure inside and outside

Three-dimensional carved nail art production;

Carved nail color matching;

VU GeL nail material, tool knowledge;

Various types of VU GeL production;

Maintenance and repair of phototherapy nails;

VU GeL removal;

VU GeL colors, jewelry matching;

The method and color matching of spa manicure

Imitation phototherapy manicure production and color matching;

Sponge nail art spray painting;

Barbie production;

Bridal manicure production;

Bridal nail colors and accessories clothing matching;

Creative nail art production;

Creative nail color accessories;

Toe nail art, nail use and care;

Acrylic jewelry production.

Acrylic Nail Set Dipping Powder Kit 2

The above steps can be completed with acrylic nail kit
The white powder used for Acrylic Powder diamonds is not pearl powder as you call it. It is Acrylic Powder. It becomes a viscous form after it meets nail liquid, and then becomes hard in the air. Fiber plastic, strong hardness, high transparency, good color, usually used for Acrylic nail, Acrylic carving. To remove Acrylic Powder, you must use a special nail remover (not our normal nail polish remover), or use a rubbing strip to polish it off. There are only two methods. Nail remover can be purchased online or where nail art is sold, but it is still recommended to buy a complete set of acrylic nail kit.

Acrylic Nail Set Dipping Powder Kit 3

In recent years, the nail industry has made tremendous development and has become one of the important industries in which many people are engaged. With the opening of more and more nail shops, the number of people engaged in the nail industry, especially women, is also increasing. However, while creating beauty for customers, the nail industry also has the difficulty of finding excellent purchasers.

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