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Best Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners Reviews 2020

Nail Special Spiral Acrylic Pen 3D Sculpture Brush Size 5 Set
Spiral acrylic pen acrylic rod 3D sculpture brush
The total length of the pen is about 17.5cm. It can be used as acrylic nail sculpture nail and UV nail.

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Before making the acrylic nail or sculpture nail, pour the nail liquid into the cup, use the acrylic pen or sculpture pen to take the nail liquid in the cup when doing it, and remove the excess nail liquid at the mouth of the cup after taking it out. Nail liquid’s acrylic pen takes acrylic powder. If you want to take more powder, you will leave more liquid on the pen. If you take less powder, you will get less liquid. If you practice more, you will surely grasp the ratio of liquid and powder. Wash the pen and wash it away.

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Acrylic pen maintenance:

After use, wash the hair with acrylic pen-washing liquid and dry it in a ventilated place.
Steps to make an acrylic nail

1 If you have trimmed your fingers, please use a file to roughen the nail surface in advance. Because they are transparent nails, if you polish your nails in advance, they will look more beautiful.
2 Use a desiccant to sterilize your nails
Disinfection. Be careful not to apply to the skin.
To prevent mold growth, be sure to apply it.
3 Connect the nail holder to the interface at the edge of the nail, and it must match exactly.
4 Pour the nail liquid into the crystal glass and soak the pen.
Remove the bubbles in the pen, if there are bubbles, it is not easy to stick.
5 Gently dip the acrylic pen soaked in nail liquid in the acrylic powder, and it will immediately melt into a powder ball.
6 Drop the powder ball on the tip of the finger, and press the belly of the acrylic pen into the shape of a nail.
7 Then make the middle part, thicker with more powder balls.
8 Spread acrylic powder a third time near the bottom of the nail. If the edges are painted smoothly, protruding clots are not likely to appear.
9 When the acrylic powder has begun to dry, gently remove the nail tray. Note: If it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged.
10 Before hardening, pinch the acrylic armor from both sides. When viewed from the front, it looks like a beautiful arc.
11 After completely solidifying, use a file to trim your nails to the length you decide.

12 For the edges, be sure not to see the difference between your nails and artificial nails.
13 Look at the nail surface from different angles and create a symmetrical shape.
14 At the beginning of the unevenness, it doesn’t matter if you try to cut it down and polish it.
15 Polish all nails smooth with South Korean white sanding block. Every corner must be polished. Until this step, there will be a transparent effect.
16 Apply finger edge nutrient oil and massage until skin and nails are fully absorbed for protection
17 Use the two-color surface of the three-color polishing strip to polish first, and then use the single-color surface to polish until the nail is completely transparent and flashing

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