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Common tips for gel polish

Teach you the skills and concepts of nail manicure, so that you can easily get the nail manicure you want.
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Common tips for gel polish 1

1 The thickness of the grinding rod used in 11 is more than 180, which means that the use of a finer grinding rod will not hurt the real nails.

2 Try not to use nail clippers to trim your nails, otherwise real nails will easily peel off from the front layer.

3 When sharpening nails, the grinding rod comes into contact with the nail at a 45-degree angle. The grinding rod is good for one-way grinding (do not grind back and forth)

4 Consider the length and shape of each finger before trimming, and then trim the five-finger fingers into a neat shape based on the overall beauty

Common tips for gel polish

       First, shake before using gel polish

Before applying nail polish, check whether the bottle cap is closed tightly. Gel polish is not commonly used. And shake for 20-30 seconds. In addition, gel polish generally has a 2-year warranty. Unless the nail polish bottle is not closed or stored. Every time you use the nail polish, wipe the bottle clean and arrange it neatly. For next use

Second, the brush for applying nail polish varies from nail to nail

Nail polish brushes are like eyelash brushes, depending on the situation. If your nails are long, delicate and narrow, consider using a small brush to avoid applying them outside your nails because they are larger than your nails. Conversely, for wide nails, you can use a wide brush to opi. Each brand has its own brush. Don’t hesitate to go to the store and try more.

Third, base coat and white nail polish before applying fluorescent nail polish

Because the fluorescent pigment is not concentrated, it is not easy to cover. For fluorescent green nail polishes, it usually takes three coats to cover the color of the nails, so applying a layer of white nail polish is a good choice. In addition, it needs to be applied evenly. If applied in several different thicknesses, white nail polish will appear. Some MMs have misunderstandings about fluorescent colors and believe that fluorescent nail polishes are corrosive to nail polish. In fact, fluorescent nail polish contains the same pigments as ordinary nail polish, so it is not dangerous. As with normal oiling, you need to apply a primer to protect your nails before applying fluorescent nail polish. One difference is that because the fluorescent color pigments volatilize quickly, it is questionable to apply a top coat and apply it again after 2 to 3 days.

Fourth, ice water accelerates nail polish drying

Speaking of air conditioning, MMs can consider using ice water to speed up drying of nail polish when time is tight. However, you must wait until the surface of the nail polish is completely dry for one minute. In fact, it is helpless to say that it is ice water, cold air, refrigerator or freezer, which can use more than 20 minutes to dry the nails. There are also MMs who want to restore nail polish with a few drops of nail wash water. This is not only wrong, but also very bad. Doing so will destroy the chemical structure of the nail polish. Nail polish thinner can dilute the thickened nail polish, but under no circumstances can you use nail polish remover. Unfortunately, these products are kept by professionals.
         Fifth, nail polish has no time limit

Many MMs will make a mistake is to remove nail polish in three days, thinking that it is for the health of nails. In fact, gel polish is fine for 20 days. But be aware of the interval between each application of nail polish. Never apply new nail polish immediately after removal. It’s even worse to keep the same nail polish for 10 days. Care should be taken every interval between applying nail polish. In order to keep the nails from drying, nail polish should first be removed with acetone-free nail polish remover. Next, push away the dead skin sung around the nails. If necessary, polish the nails and apply lime powder on the surface of the nails. Then, remove the keratin generated during the last nail polish application, which will lay the foundation for the next nail polish application.

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