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Dip Powder Factory OEM Private Label Dipping & Acrylic Powder 2 in 1

Dip powder factory private label Acrylic Powder

1.Dip powder system:

It’s all about manicure, lasts longer than gel, it will like Dip Powder Polish Gel.

Acrylic Powder service transformation. Faster, easier, and odorless, NRN‘s Dip powder is a quick-to-apply, odorless alternative to Acrylic Powder, providing a clean air environment, while providing a gel-like gloss and weeks of wear without UV/ Cured in led light.
Instead of using UV/led lights to dry your polish, the color comes from toner. Between the base coat and the activator, you dip your nails in a small jar of your chosen color, which can last 3 to 4 weeks. They are equally healthy to the gel.

The process is very simple, which means it can be a great choice for manicure and pedicure at home. No need to go to a nail salon to get Acrylic Powder or gel polish will definitely save some of your cost and time. You don’t have to worry about inhaling dust just like you use Acrylic Powder resin or UV radiation, you can do gel manicure.

Dry quickly in 10 minutes

2.Dip powder base coat

Our Dip powder base coat is specially formulated for our Dip powder.

This is the best viscous base material, ensuring fast drying time as well as good absorption and good Dip powder connection.

It can also be formulated with calcium and vitamin e, vitamin a, and B5.

There is no need for UV/led light, so it dries almost immediately, you have to dip your nails in powder when dipping the base.

We have odorless Dip powder base and less odor Dip base for you to choose

3.Dip powder top coat

This is like any other top coat to create shine and protect nails from chipping, scratching or cracking.

It is specially formulated for Dip powder.

This is a top coat with the best viscosity, ensuring fast drying time as well as good absorption and good Dip powder connection.

It can also be formulated with calcium and vitamin e, vitamin a, and B5.

No need for UV/led light and will dry quickly in 30 seconds.

We have odorless Dip powder top coat and a small amount of odor Dip powder top coat for your choice

4.Dip powder activator

This activator activates Dip powder to make it hard

It speeds up the drying process to allow quick setting of Dip powder color.

It accelerates the curing of the base coating.

Bond with Dip powder top coating to obtain high gloss.

This Dip activator is definitely less odor

Activator polishing agent is the third step of our Dip system

5.Dip powder brush saver

Used to clean the brushes during the application of the entire Dip system

It keeps the brush soft and clean

Brush saver will clean any powder residues of your brush, ensuring healthy reuse of your brush

The most important items of the brush

Dip Powder Can Be Colored According  To Your Needs And Can Be Customized. Complete Dip Powder Nail Production Supply Chain. For More Detailed Information Please to Add Whatapp: +8615822532116
or 008615822532116

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DIP powder special gel Base gel Activator Top coat Brushsaver
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