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Dip Powder Wholesale Sale, Nail Polish Function Baes Coat Top Coat

Dip Powder Nail And Gel Polish Nail Wholesale Supplier ,Factory,Manufacturer

Dip powder wholesale Sale

NRN Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Specializes In The Production Of Nail Polish, Acrylic Powder, Dip Powder, Nail Remover, Gel Polish, UV lamp, Nail Pushrod, Nail File, Japanese-style Colored Gel, Japanese-style Gel Polish, and Japanese-style Nail Cosmetics. The Company Integrates Research And Development, Production And Sales Are Integrated.
NRN Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Was Established In 2008 And Has A History Of More Than 10 Years. All Products Are Independently Developed By The Company, Including Gel Polish, Functional Gel, UV lamp And Acrylic Powder Related Products, Which Can Meet The Needs Of The Industry To A Large Extent.
NRN Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Has Two Production Lines Of Gel Polish And Acrylic Powder In The Chinese Factory, With Complete Production Qualifications, A quality Inspection Department And A Complete Quality Management System, Which Can Effectively Control The Cost Of Materials, And Ensure The High-cost Performance Of the Products. At The Same Time, We Undertake OEM, ODM Processing, Distributors From All Channels Are Welcome To Come To Cooperate And Consult,
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What is the nail polish function Gel, Base Coat, Top Coat, Nail Remover,

Nail Polish function Baes Coat Top Coat

Can Base Coat replace Top Coat? Many people said,
When applying nail polish, I found that Base Coat and Top Coat are both transparent. I feel that there is no difference between the two. Some people even think that Base Coat and Top Coat are interchangeable. So, can Base Coat replace Top Coat? Base Coat cannot be used in place of Top Coat. This is because Base Coat and Top Coat have different ingredients and functions. Base Coat pays more attention to the addition of some substances that can protect nails, which is very different from Top Coat. The pigment in the nail polish is the culprit that infringes on the nails, making the nails yellow and fragile, and Base Coat can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by the pigment. The function of Top Coat is to brighten the brightness of the final nail shape, increase the durability of the nail polish and make the nail color not easy to fade.

Nail Polish function Baes Coat Top Coat

Can Nail Remover remove nail art?
Yes. Nail polish remover is a special nail remover tool that can naturally remove nail art. If the nail can not be removed, you can use cotton to soak the nail in Nail Remover, and then soak the nail for about 10 seconds, then it is very easy to remove. How to use Nail Remover? First, put the cotton pad in Nail Remover, press the cotton pad with your thumb and forefinger on the nail where you want to remove the nail polish, leave it for a few seconds, and then gently rub it, you will find that the hard to remove nail polish will be light Easy to remove. In case there are still some corners that are difficult to remove, use a cotton swab to wipe with Nail Remover to remove it very cleanly.

Nowadays, nail art has become a trend. When you walk on the street, you can see that most women have unique nails on their hands. Manicure is also exquisite. So, which one should be applied first? Finishing gel and Top Coat? Finishing Gel or Top Coat can be applied first, there is no need to apply two. Finishing gel and nail polish Top Coat are the same thing, it not only increases brightness but also increases adhesion, making nail polish stronger and better looking. After finishing the nail polish, apply finishing gel or Top Coat, which can effectively maintain the color of the nail polish and make the nail polish not easy to fall off.

Nail Polish function Baes Coat Top Coat

Precautions for storing nail polish

  1. The nail polish needs to be kept away from light. The nail polish must be stored in a dark place. If you put it under the sun, the nail polish will deteriorate due to the high heat, which will cause it to become sticky and useless.
  2. When the nail polish is not open for a long time to apply nails, cover the nail polish cover. After not using it, do not open it. Cover it with the cover in time. Otherwise, if you open it for a long time, the nail polish will enter the air.

Precautions for protecting nails

  1. Apply a layer of Base Coat before applying dark nail polish to protect the nails while making the nail surface smoother and preventing color.
  2. Apply nail polish in a ventilated environment and volatilize throughout the day. Before going to bed at night, the residual odor of nail polish will naturally greatly weaken the impact on the respiratory system. Choose a large, well-ventilated space to let the nail polish odor dissipate as soon as possible, reduce the inhalation of excessive chemical gases, and avoid dizziness and nausea.
  3. Supplement calcium to nails. Fragile nails need intensive care. At this time, hard nail polish is needed. Calcium-containing formula and protein-enhancing formula can effectively accelerate nail thickening, form a protective film, strengthen and moisturize nails Face, increase the toughness of the nail bed, generally use for 1 week, you will find that the nails really become stronger.

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