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Does nail art hurt your nails?

Excessive manicure In addition to thinning the nails,

It can also cause infections such as paronychia.

After all, our nails are shouldered to protect the distal phalanx and surrounding soft tissue,

Enhances the sensitivity of finger touch and fingertips,

So it is important to protect your nails.

Does nail art hurt your nails? 1

The hand is the second face of a woman. Many beautiful fairies like nail art, gel polish, barbie glue, phototherapy … Many girls will find that the nails feel thinner after each nail, yes, this is not an illusion.

About nail art, today I will tell you something!

Let’s talk about nail art first. There are two types of nails commonly used in nail shops: crystal nails and gel nails. The main ingredient of both is acrylic acid. The difference is that when making crystal nails, you must first mix the crystal powder and the solution into a gelatinous texture before applying it to your nails; while gel nails can be directly coated with primer. Either way, it cannot be removed directly. Therefore, when removing nails, first rub the seal with a rubbing strip; then apply a cotton ball soaked with acetone to the nails to soften the phototherapy glue, and then scrape it with a file. In this process, the components of the nail polish, the components of the nail polish removing preparation, and the abrasion of the nail surface when the file is scraped off the nail polish. Will cause damage to our nails.

But this does not mean that you can never do nails again.

Around the base of our nails, there is a group of basal layer cells called nail matrix, which is the growth area of ​​the nail body. The nail matrix cells divide actively, and the new cells will keratinize and move towards the nail body, while pushing the old nails towards the fingertips. When the old nails beyond the edge of the fingertips are slowly trimmed, only the nails of the new normal thickness are covered on the nail body. In other words, the nails are constantly growing. Although the original nails become thinner, they do not affect the new nails.

In spite of this, Xiaobian still reminds everyone who loves beauty. Excessive manicure will not only make nails thin, but also cause paronychia and other infections. After all, our nails carry important physiological functions: protecting the distal phalanx and surrounding soft tissue, enhancing the sensitivity of finger touch and fingertips, so it is important to protect your nails.

In the end, I want to tell ladies and gentlemen that when nail art begins to peel off, it is best to remove it with nail remover water and nail remover, and then use special tools to remove it. In addition, the interval between nails should be a little longer. After the condition of the nails is better, go to “nail art”.

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