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Gel polish ingredients / nail polish are toxic? This gives you a thorough understanding of the difference between Gel polish and Nail polish

Today’s nail industry is constantly developing, and nail products are also being upgraded. However, for many nail enthusiasts, they still don’t understand the difference between nail polish and gel Polish. Don’t look at the difference, but the gap between them is still huge!

Nail polish

Ingredients: The main ingredients are 70% -80% volatile solvents, 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvents, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. [General organic solvents are toxic, such as benzene, toluene, xylene]

Function: The solvent contained in the nail polish is volatilized to form a colored film. This layer of film can show color when it is attached to the nail.

Features: There is no need to light, so nail polish is usually placed in a transparent bottle, and it can be sealed when stored.

Gel polish

Ingredients & Functions: The main ingredients are natural resin and some color materials. This material will cure under UV light, not volatilize. It will form a film similar to plastic.

Features: Gloss, abrasion resistance and firmness are better than nail polish. The most important thing is that it has almost no volatile gas and is basically odorless. It only takes a minute or two to dry. And can make more different nail styles.

But Gel polish needs to be placed in opaque bottles and kept away from light.

Is nail polish or Gel polish good?

A: It must be Gel polish.

Nail polish is now used less and less!

  1. It smells bad.

The chemical solvent it contains will make the human body feel uncomfortable when it is volatilized. If it is inhaled for a long time, it will affect the human health more or less.

  1. Long-term use will cause damage to nails.

Due to the strong permeability of nail polish, MM with weak nails may cause some bad results. For example, if nail polish is used too often for nails, the nails may become yellow and dull, and even nail fractures may occur. Especially some unlicensed and inferior nail polish products will be more serious.

3, the maintenance time is too short and easy to fall.

Because nail polish is usually held on the nail surface for only five or six days, frequent nail arts are caused, the number of repeated nail arts is increased, and the cumulative damage to nails is increased.

Can ordinary lovers apply Gel polish by themselves?

Answer: Of course! Simple!

Many friends have this concern: I am not a professional manicurist outside, do I usually use Gel polish when I paint myself? Seems complicated, I don’t understand!

In fact, the operation of Gel polish is really simple. And Gel polish has a feature, its viscosity and flow performance make you better to use! Speaking of people is: it brushes evenly than nail polish!

The simplest process of Gel polish is actually not much different from nail polish, except that there is more lighting process. (But the process of lighting is actually equivalent to your natural drying time)

Nail Polish: base coat-Color Nail Polish-Top coat

Gel polish: base coat-color gel- Top coat

Gel polish is stronger than nail polish and it lasts for 3 weeks or more.

I heard Gel polish is difficult to remove, I won’t!

Answer: Not difficult! It’s really not difficult!

Secretly tell everyone that although I’m a girl, I don’t understand the paintings of nail art. But I know how to paint colors, and I also did it myself!

As long as you have sand strips, nail strips, dead skin push!

Necessary nail knowledge: