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Glitter, Pure Colored Dip Nail Powder, Nails Acrylic Powder and Liquids

Wholesale Dip powder nail Nails Acrylic Powder and Liquids

Glitter, Pure Colored Dip Nail Powder


step1: Polish the nail shape and apply Top Coat;

step2: Dip the glitter with a cotton swab;

step3: Spread the glitter directly on the wet nail polish base color or Top Coat, and apply a thin layer first;

step4: Add the amount of glitter according to your own preferences, make the desired style, and finally coat Top Coat.

Very simple, very beautiful, commonly used nail decorations.

This is the most common baby used in nail decoration. You can add it to UV GEL, Acrylic powder, and nail polish, and then brush it on the nails to have a special flavor.

Glitter Dip Powder Nail

Product name: Ombre Bulk Color DIY NRN Dip Powder Nails
Color: 40 colors 50% off
Packing: 1 kg/bag, 1 bag/box
Minimum order quantity: 1kg/color
Free sample: 0.25 oz/can, 5 pieces are free, you only need to pay the shipping (about 40 US dollars)
Certificate: MSDS|GMPC |SGS ISO9001/22716
Color selection: more than 2000 color customization
OEM/ODM: Warmly welcome
Transportation: Express, air, sea (door to door)
Delivery time: 7-15 working days
Payment: Weston Union TT, Paypal


  1. Available in 40 colors.
  2. The best quality NRN dip powder is 50% off.
  3. The cost is $38/kg, and the minimum order quantity is 1 kg.
  4. If the stock is sold out, the discount will end.

NRN dip powder

  1. NRN impregnating powder does not need to polish the nails and is smooth enough.
  2. The air drying speed is very fast (around 30).
  3. The powder-dipped topcoat is super shiny.
  4. The topcoat is super shiny than ordinary products.
  5. Matching gel and varnish.
  6. Easy to DIY application at home: no primer, no lamp curing.
  7. The NRN impregnating powder system is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  8. The nail bed has no damage and is environmentally friendly.

Color Dip Powder Can Be Colored According  To Your Needs And Can Be Customized. Complete Dip Powder Nail Production Supply Chain. For More Detailed Information Please to Add Whatapp: +8615822532116
or 008615822532116

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Glitter, Pure Colored Acrylic Nail Powder
Glitter, Pure Colored Acrylic Nail Powder