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How about Acrylic Nail? The difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Nail

The difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Nail

There are many styles of nail art. Acrylic Nail is a nail art made of Acrylic powder and Nail liquid. Acrylic Nail is beautiful and elegant. It is transparent nails, which will make the nails more transparent and aura. Acrylic Nail is very beautiful.

The effect of Acrylic Nail is very beautiful, the color is very bright, and a lot of Acrylic powder is used to sprinkle on the nails. Acrylic Nail has always been loved by everyone, and more and more people are making Acrylic Nail internationally.

The difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Nail

Acrylic Nail:

It has existed many years ago, and it is said that it was invented by a dentist. The dentist’s wife expressed her low self-esteem because her nails were not beautiful. In order to regain her confidence, the dentist made a set of nails for the wife using materials for filling the patients’ teeth. Acrylic Nail is out of shape, so the original intention of Acrylic Nail was to protect and beautify nails, which can be removed with Acrylic nail remover. Acrylic Nail is formed by mixing Acrylic Nail liquid and Acrylic powder, and shape it with Acrylic Nail pen about 10–20 seconds before it dries. The desired shape, Acrylic Nail is to react and solidify on the nail through the fusion of nail powder nail liquid. It is actually a kind of shaping. The density of Acrylic is high, so the texture is harder. It is good for nail correction and can be done. Beautiful nails, Acrylic Nail liquid and Acrylic powder can make perfect shapes. Acrylic Nail is very popular in Korea, the United States, and Japan.

UV Nail:

Resin nail is also called UV nail. Resin nail is a kind of advanced nail technology that makes phototherapy glue through ultraviolet light A-line through light and action. It uses pure natural resin material, which can not only protect nails, but also correct nail type. , Make nails more transparent. Many beautiful women originally intended to make phototherapy resin nails because they can keep the nails beautiful and firm in color for a long time.

The difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Nail

It is best to do nail art once a month. If you do it too many times, it will cause damage to your nails, making it impossible to repair it. Therefore, it is recommended that you should pay more attention to this when doing nails, and do not do too many times.

The difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Nail

There are many types of nails, such as common UV nails, diamond nails, Barbie nails, Acrylic Nail, etc. The styles are very novel. The nail styles are different, the prices are also different, and the effects of the nails are also different. Manicure is made to make the whole hand look more beautiful, which is loved by many girls.

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