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How does the nail industry make money? Is there a future of nail industry now?

Nail industry still has high development potential | NRN Nail Tips

Everyone is familiar with nail art. Walking in the streets, there are various small shops for beauty, manicure, eyebrow tattoos, pedicures, and massages everywhere. There is only one reason why so many people are engaged in this industry: they can make money.

Is there a future of nail industry now?

Nail industry
  1. When did nail art start?

According to archaeologists, the first place where nail art was discovered was in the tomb of a queen in ancient Egypt. Women’s nails are painted with brightly colored nail polish in order to better lead to the Western Paradise. When I first saw this point of view, the editor’s first reaction was that nail art is not only related to beauty, but also to Buddhism.

Buddhism was originally introduced into China from India, and its influence on the Chinese people for thousands of years has been enormous. The idea of ​​reincarnation in Buddhism aims to persuade people to be good and do more good deeds, saying that there will be good retribution in the future, and they can go to heaven and enjoy blessings. And those wicked who have done all the bad things will go to hell, become beasts or hungry ghosts, and suffer a thousand pains.

Therefore, to a certain extent, people who love beauty, as long as they are also good-hearted people, can enter the Western Paradise in the future. However, in modern times, the Buddhist meaning of nail art has gradually faded. The purpose of women’s nail art is only one, and that is to love beauty. The love of beauty, everyone has it, but it is deeper in women.

  1. Does the nail industry have a future? Can we still do it?

In business circles, someone said early on that to make money is to make money from women and children. If you think about it a little bit, this sentence makes perfect sense. Because women love beauty, the beauty of women is maintained by their own money, and the other is maintained by men’s money.

There is a saying that a woman is a person who pleases herself. It means that if a woman likes a man, then when she appears in front of the man, she must be well dressed. Therefore, in the nail industry, it is not so much women’s money that it makes men’s money. In this world, countless rich men often spend a lot of money for their beloved women, not to mention that the cost of nail art is not high.

Some people think that nail art for women is the same as shaving or haircutting for men. Imagine, a woman who is usually used to manicure, or a woman who never nails, which one will enjoy life more?

The answer is undoubtedly the former. Regardless of the small manicure, it doesn’t cost much by itself, but you can see a woman’s life style, pursuit of beauty, and control or sensitivity to the trend of this era.

As people’s living standards improve, people’s aesthetic standards will become higher and higher. Moreover, according to statistics, the current ratio of male to female youth in our country is seriously unbalanced, with more women than men. what does this mean? Of course, some people say that this means that many men will not be able to marry a wife. This is correct. But in the eyes of businessmen, they see business opportunities, such business opportunities include all female consumer goods, from food and clothing to use, and additional consumption, that is, beauty, nails, etc.

Therefore, in the next ten, twenty years, or even longer, the nail industry will only become more profitable! Young women who want to learn nail art can start early.

  1. How far can nail art go?

How far can an industry go? This is really hard to say. If the editor says that nail art can always exist and will never disappear, it is irresponsible. Everyone who is older has certain life experience, and has experienced many industries slowly disappearing from life. For example, the former bamboo craftsman, but now there is no, because bamboo has long been replaced by plastic products; for example, in ancient times. The car driver is now replaced by the driver of the wedding car, etc. What I mean by the editor is that unless one day, a woman finds a way to dress up more effectively than nail art, otherwise, the nail art industry will always be popular.

Nail industry

Anyone who knows about the nail industry knows that there are no more than several ways to open a nail salon today. One is to operate independently, locate the nail salon by yourself, choose your own location, and name your own nail salons.

Nail industry

The second category is because of the relationship of beauty salons, which are linked to beauty salons. The third category is nail franchise stores.

Nail industry

Which way to open a nail salon is better?

Generally speaking, these three types of methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There is no restriction on opening a nail salon by an individual. Everything is done according to the wishes of the investors, what kind of goods are purchased, what items and so on. If you have experience in nail salon management, or if you have a strong business ability, you can also achieve good results if you open a nail salon.

Nail industry

Affiliated beauty salons are the source of visitors to the beauty salons. Nowadays, nail art has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition to traditional beauty items, nail art items are becoming more and more popular among women. Therefore, the customers of beauty salons can be transformed into customers of your nail salon, and only reasonable guidance is needed. But not all investors can have the resource of beauty salons, after all, it is a minority.

Nail industry

The third is nail franchise stores. This is the hottest and most powerful way to open nail salons in the nail market.

With the development of the national economy, high-end consumer groups are rapidly expanding, and the high-end nail consumer market is also gradually expanding. As a future trend, high-end nails will be the mainstream in the future. The demand of the market naturally promotes the development of high-end, branded, and large-scale nail salons. Franchising nail salons will meet this demand well.

Nail industry
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NRN Nail Investment

NRN Nail Art is an industrial factory integrating product development, production, processing and sales. This factory has various professional nail products such as nail polish, UV glue, nail polish, nail polish, nail tools, nail accessories, etc. Shenzhen Longgang District Xianxuan Nail Products Factory is a new force with unique style and extraordinary potential in the nail industry. It adheres to the corporate tenet of “Quality and Integrity” and the brand concept of “Natural, Environmental and Fashion”. The enterprise spirit of “Quality, Brand Concept” is market-oriented and consumer-centric, and the nail art products developed and developed have an excellent reputation in the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business

NRN nail art leads the trend and provides professional nail art services. Ren Ruiping, a pioneer in China’s nail industry and a senior nail lecturer, serves as the teaching director; a team of years of store marketing practical experience has brought beauty lovers a brand new, healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and secure nail salon!

NRN nail art also provides services such as hand care, foot care, hand nail art, foot nail art, professional hair removal, eyelashes, hand examination and hand treatment, etc., to increase the stickiness between the store and customers, so that customers will not spend once at NRN nail The concept of entering the second nail salon will increase the number of customers in the nail salon!

Market analysis

Nail art is an emerging industry. In recent years, the industry demand is very large. Therefore, the industry contains huge investment opportunities and wealth. NRN nail art, a professional nail art brand, relies on innovation to create its own brand, leading the industry. Investing in this project has more obvious advantages!

NRN Nail Art School insists on small-scale teaching, full-heartedly and dedicated to every student. The center implements the teaching model of theory + practice + social practice, learning while practicing, to ensure that you learn real, practical, and corresponding techniques.

The goal of NRN Nail Art School is only one: to cultivate useful, socially necessary talents. Always attach importance to the concept of “student-first education, vocational training and employment”.

NRN nail art continues to create more and better learning conditions, living environment, and employment and work channels for students. Be an honest person, set up an honesty center, and we are responsible for the technology of the students. Persuade people with reason, educate people with morals, and speak with facts.

To be a responsible center and a trustworthy center. NRN nail art is for all the students, everything for the students. It is guaranteed that students will continue to study for free for life until they learn the technology well. Brilliant honors are in the past, and the future of NRN nail art will be more brilliant and colorful!

As a representative of the small investment industry, nail art has opened the door to entrepreneurship for more people and a shortcut to wealth for more people. Joining NRN nail art has fewer restrictions and a lower threshold. As long as you are interested and passionate, we welcome your visit. I believe this high-quality brand will definitely bring you rich profits!

NRN nail franchise conditions

  1. To join NRN nail art, you need to have certain economic strength, certain management ideas and experience, a good reputation and a pragmatic and serious career attitude;
  2. To join NRN nail art, you need to be willing to regularly receive technical training and assessment provided by the headquarters;
  3. The NRN nail art franchise must comply with the price uniform policy of the NRN nail art headquarters and other management regulations;
  4. NRN nail art franchise needs to agree and actively cooperate with the effective management policy, management model and business model of the NRN nail business headquarters.

NRN nail art, you are welcome to join us.

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