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How To Do Acrylic Nails At Home! | NRN Nail

Acrylic Nails are one of the most popular types of manicurists at present. Its characteristic is that it can visually change the shape of the fingers and give people a sense of slenderness, thereby making up for the regret that the hand is not beautiful. The color of Acrylic Nails is crystal clear, pink, and white, which can be matched with clothing of various colors to set off the elegance of women. Perfect nails imply ample time, discretionary income and good self-control, reflecting a distinctive personality, and showing a charming style in every gesture.  

  Nail Art Making   The classification of nails is different, and the production process is also different.

Patch Acrylic nail making

(Patch Acrylic nails are applied with Acrylic nails on the base of the patch nails to make the nails more durable and wear-resistant, and present an Acrylic-like luster).   

1. Tools and essentials   

1. Disinfectant water 2. Nail polish remover 3. Softener 4. Nutrient oil 5. Alcohol 6. Disinfecting and drying adhesive 7. Acrylic liquid 8. Pen washing water 9. Liquid nail cup 10. Transparent or pink Acrylic nail powder 11. Anti-UV Base Coat Top Coat 12. Nial Tips 13. Push leather sand stick 14. Finger leather pliers 15. Nail scissors 16. U-shaped scissors 17. Nail brush 18. Orange stick 19. Cotton 20. Acrylic pen 21. 100#/180# grinding file 22. Washing and polishing Strip 23. Three-color polishing strip 24. Paper towel

2. Operation steps:

  1. Disinfect 2. Remove nail polish or clean nails 3. Trim the front edge and remove dust 4. Clean finger core 5. Upper finger skin softener 6. Pushing finger skin 7. Cutting finger skin 8. Carving and grinding 9. Dust removal 10. Selecting, repairing and sticking Nial Tips 11. Cutting Nial Tips 12. Reshape, polish 13. Remove joint marks  

14. Apply disinfectant and dry adhesive    Apply disinfectant and dry adhesive twice on all nail surfaces starting from the little finger. You need to be dry the first time and wet the second time to make Acrylic nails better. 15(1). Making Acrylic nails-the first stroke    Use Acrylic pen to dip appropriate amount of Acrylic nail fluid and Acrylic nail powder to form Acrylic nail ball, lightly place it on the front half of the nail, and pat it flat with Acrylic pen.

15(2). Making Acrylic nails-After taking the second Acrylic nail ball with the Acrylic pen, lightly place it on the back edge of the nail and smooth it forward with the pen tip (Note: Acrylic nail polish should be about 1 Mm distance).  

15(3). Making Acrylic nails-the third stroke    Use an Acrylic pen to take the third Acrylic nail ball, pay attention to the fluidity, cover the middle of the first and second strokes, quickly use the pen tip to smooth the entire surface of the nail.  

16. Shape repair-polish both sides    use a 100# sharpening file to polish the outside and inside of the nail from the little finger to make the width of the nail match the width of the nail groove.  

17. Shaping-Polishing the front edge    According to your preference, start from the little finger to trim the front edge of the nail.  

18. Shape modification-polished surface    along the curvature of the nail surface, evenly polish a smooth surface.  

19. Modification-to polish the arc from back to front from a personal perspective.  

20. Remove dust and apply nutrient oil    Use a nail brush to remove finger scraps, apply nutrient oil evenly on the back edge of the nail and finger skin, and massage evenly.  

21. Polish first    Wash the polishing strip or block with water to remove the abrasion marks on the surface of Acrylic nails.  

22. Post-polishing   Use three-color polishing strips or polishing blocks to polish in the order of black, white, and gray to make the patch Acrylic nails shiny.  

23. Apply Base Coat Top Coat or color nail polish    To keep the nails shiny, apply UV Base Coat Top Coat or color nail polish on the surface of the nail.

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How To Do Acrylic Nails At Home! | NRN Nail 1

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