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How to Dress Up Your Winter Nail Art

Super nice winter color nails
Stumbling is about to enter the gate of 2020,
Can the nails look shabby? Definitely can’t hesitate.
Can your “second face” be refined?

If you haven’t dressed up yet, you can follow along with the editor.
Maybe it will bring you a different perspective and inspiration to decorate this “second face”
Look at the basic color nails first
Wine red (wine color)

As soon as the end of the year, the wine will appear in batches, leaving sweetness on the tip of the tongue or blooming on the fingertip

This color is noble and simple, and more importantly, it has a long period and will not be out of date.


This color is elegant and low-key but has charm.
Morandi nails are both low-key and slender fingers.
Allows you to fully open the independent and elegant atmosphere.

The hit color came, and the idler gave way at a constant speed.

Ginger + Tibetan Blue
Both colors are very characteristic,
If you melt it at your fingertips, you will have a sense of coldness and whiteness.
And the meeting of the two colors adds a lot of sense of quality.
This manicure really matches winter clothing to make it more flavorful

Brown + Milk Tea
Listening to the taste buds of the two matching colors are agitating,
This manicure has no red tape,
The combination of solid colors instead forms a clean, comfortable and clear feeling.
One of the must-have nails for office workers

Ginger + Tomato

The combination of these two colors is very good to create the taste of warm sunshine in winter.
Neither enthusiastic nor exaggerated,
Not only is it white, but it’s good-looking.
Dry rose + pink nude

This is an ultra-gentle, ultra-feminine, super-seductive manicure,
It is suitable for both student groups and office workers.
Especially dating

Tibetan blue + blue cloud staining

This manicure is not stylish but also very individual with its own unique style,
There is a hidden sense of art in it,
Very queen style.