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How to make nail sticks firmer |NRN Nail Dipping Powder

How to make nail sticks firmer

How to make nail sticks firmer

The detailed steps of Dipping diamond nails:

(1) Use a drill pen or tweezers to take the drill, not directly by hand;

(2) Use a gel pen to apply gel or gel water on the nail surface, pay attention to the amount, too much gel will form an offset print, which is ugly!

(3) Use a pen to stick the drill on the glue. If glue is used, press the drill with an orange stick until the glue is dry;

(4) Then use no wipe top coat to wrap around the diamond ornament, which will be more firm;

(5) Small diamond ornaments can be pasted with diamonds first and then sealed, while large diamond ornaments are recommended to be sealed first, then diamonds are pasted and then wrapped;

(6) If the surface of the diamond jewelry accidentally gets glue on, it can be removed with a glue release agent; if it is glued, it can be wiped off with alcohol before the lamp is illuminated, and it needs to be cut off with waste dead skin scissors after the lamp is illuminated.

How to make nail sticks firmer

What are the differences between different Dipping diamond nail gels?

Diamond gel: It is the most common sticky diamond glue. Its texture is relatively thin, and it can be air-dried naturally. It is more suitable for sticking flat bottom diamonds, but remember to wrap it!

UV gel: Suitable for small diamonds. The phototherapy gel has a thicker semi-solid texture and requires a nail lamp to dry it. This gel is easy to use and suitable for novices!

Top coat gel: also called Reinforced plastic, it needs light to dry out, it is more suitable for small diamonds.

Gems gel: Very viscous glue, suitable for sticking large diamonds, and needs a light, there will be floating glue after drying, remember to wipe it off!

Nail liquid+acrylic powder: suitable for pointed diamonds, special-shaped diamonds and large diamonds. The smell is unpleasant, but the durability is very good, more suitable for skilled manicurists.

Precautions for Dipping diamond nails

  • Do not use bright oil after Dipping diamond nails are pasted: It is forbidden to touch the surface of diamond ornaments or jewelry after sticking the diamond ornaments, and do not apply bright oil again. Because the surface of the diamond decoration is coated with bright oil, the gloss and refraction of the diamond decoration will be affected.
  • Don’t hit hard objects after Dipping diamond nails! : After we have fixed the diamond jewelry, try not to let the finished manicure hit hard objects again in a short time. We can wait until the nail is completely dry, and then the diamond jewelry is completely dry before moving at will. This takes about ten minutes.

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