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How to make rose carved nails with colored acrylic brush?

Decorate the roses with strong romantic feeling on the fingertips. This is one of the nail styles that many girls like. Then you can make gel polish nail paint by making this nail art, or simply use nail stickers to make it. You can also use it. Acrylic powder carved roses on the surface of the nails. So how to make rose carved nails with acrylic powder? Is it still popular? I believe many friends are more interested in this, come join us and learn together!
How to make rose carved nails with acrylic powder? The main tool used is a 3D sculpture brush. The main products needed are colored acrylic and nail monomer. Seems simple, but there is no certain level that cannot be produced, the price is relatively high, and the corresponding customers are relatively limited.

How to make rose carved nails with colored acrylic brush? 1

Different from the production method of rose painting, in addition to the intensity of carving, the production of rose acrylic powder also includes the control of the three-dimensional effect of the pattern. The mastery of the sculpture brush method is mainly the actions of point, press, push and so on. The strength of the wrist is very flexible. So to make this rose carving, first wet the brush with nail monomer and dip it in red colored acrylic. colored acrylic will form a sphere, after placing the ball on the nail surface in a suitable position, use the pen tip to press down from the bottom right of the ball, and circle it left and right, so that the ball will eventually show a thin middle and thick half moon shape, a petal That’s it.
Next, make the second, third, fourth, and fifth rose petals in order, and finally press the center of the colored acrylic with the pen tip. The shape of the petals can be round or flat, but it must be kept basic. consistency. The first pattern is made, the latter is relatively simple, but you must also take it seriously. In terms of color selection, the general petals are red, and the flower heart is yellow. Therefore, it will be used in the production of the last flower heart part. Two-color carved brushwork.
The production of crystal carved nails can only be realized by painting in the actual operation. The introduction here is detailed but after all, it is “talking on paper”. As a milestone in the history of nail art, crystal carved nail art is of great significance. It can be used not only in the production of carved nail art, but also in combination with other nail art techniques. And if you just watch and do n’t do it, after all, you ca n’t master the essence of it, and you need to try a lot in practice.

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