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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder: How to Protect your Acrylic Nail

How to Protect your Acrylic Nail | NRN Nail Tips

Acrylic Nail, which has a stylish and beautiful appearance, is now quite popular, and many girls use Acrylic Nail to lengthen their nails, but Acrylic Nail is relatively fragile, and it may break if you are not careful, and your fingers will also be injured. So how to protect your Acrylic Nail? Here are some suggestions.

How to Protect your Acrylic Nail

1. Keep it dry

Water is the enemy of Acrylic Nail, but it is impossible to keep your fingers completely away from water. What should you do? That is to wipe your fingers and nails clean with a dry towel after washing your hands, and do not let your fingers soak for a long time. In the water.   

2, wash hands with antibacterial soap   

Acrylic Nail, especially the extension of Acrylic Nail’s nails, is easy to contain bacteria. Once infected, the nails will change color and even cause more nail diseases. To prevent these situations, the easiest way is to wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

How to Protect your Acrylic Nail

3. Wear rubber gloves to do housework   

Whether you are washing dishes or mopping the floor, if you want to protect your Acrylic Nail, it is best to wear rubber gloves to separate it from the things that may scratch your nails.   

4, wipe with alcohol before going to bed   

Before going to bed at night, wipe the nails and the surrounding finger flesh with alcohol, it can clean any dust and bacteria on the fingers.

How to Protect your Acrylic Nail

5. Go to the nail shop to fix the problematic nails   

If you accidentally scratch your nails, you should repair the cracks immediately. If you don’t care about it, bacteria will enter the nail from the cracks, causing bacteria to grow.

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