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How to use acrylic powder and nail monomer for nails

how to use monomer for nails gel polish nails

how to use monomer for nails

Acrylic powder can chemically polymerize with nail monomer to produce crystal nail polish. how to use liquid monomer In other words, acrylic powder can be mixed with nail monomer in an appropriate proportion, and then it can be extended according to your preference. Acrylic powder now comes in three colors, one is Clear, one is white, and one is pink.

how to use monomer gel polish acrylic nails
How to use acrylic powder and nail monomer for nails 1
what is acrylic monomer used for gel polish for acrylic nails

[Three ways to make acrylic nails]
1、powder method.
Originated from Vietnam what does monomer do for nails, the method is to take more nail flowers monomer to make the acrylic powder flowable, the thinner the better. The guests point their fingers down and use the principle of gravity to make the acrylic powder flow by itself to find out the shape. Its advantages are high transparency, natural shape and firmness. The disadvantage is that the technology is not easy to grasp and often flows into the finger ditch, the raw materials are wasted, and it takes more time. The skilled technicians set it down for about an to use nail monomer

how to use acrylic powder and nail monomer

2、Pat powder method.
Emu originated from East Asia and South Korea, Japan. It is the method used by most people in China at present. The method is to pour on the nails of the guests when the acrylic powder is not thin and dry. acrylic powder and monomer The advantage is that the technology is easier to master and less likely to cause material waste. The disadvantage is that it takes time, the shape is not easy to grasp, and it often wastes time on the sanding surface. A skilled technician sets it down for about an hour and a half.

what is monomer used for acrylic nails

3、Squeeze powder method.
Originating in North America, it is more commonly used by American manicurists in recent years. The principle has been taken a step further in Vietnamese powder,how to activate acrylic powder the advantage is that the shape is natural and the surface is smooth. A brush with a finger will not cut the surface, so it is fast . The disadvantage is that technology is difficult to master. The skilled technician sets it down for about 30 minutes.

[3D sculpture brush dipped in acrylic powder]

  1. The entire pen tip of 3D sculpture brush is used to dip the monomer in nails, soak the pen tip into the nail monomer until the pen root, so that the pen is fully saturated with solvent, and then adjust the required amount of Dappen from the bottle mouth. When the amount of acrylic powder is large, squeeze less Some nail monomers, when the amount is small, squeeze more nail monomers. In addition, you must press the brush hair into a wide circle by the way. Use the wide tip of the brush hair to apply acrylic powder. The large particles are mainly due to the difference in contact area. If the tip of the pointed bristle is only a little bit, the acrylic powder will not be able to get very large. This is suitable for smaller shapes. So be sure to adjust the shape of the brush hair before dipping it.
  2. After adjusting the shape, you can apply the acrylic powder. Use the front edge of the acrylic nail brush to dip the acrylic powder. The powder will stick into a ball shape, and the powder ball will be shaped on the nail surface. Pour the nail monomer into the crystal cup and stick it with the pen. Don’t let the nail monomer on the pen be too much, then click on the acrylic powder and spread it on the nails.
what does nail monomer do gel polish acrylic nails

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