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How to use glitter nail art, 5 ways to play, did you get it?

how to use glitter

1 super flash monochrome glitter

The most commonly used method of glitter, compared with general glitter gel polish, has the advantage that the effect is brighter and brighter, the amount of glitter can be adjusted by itself, and the price is very cheap.

Operation method:

  1. Spread glitter on the base coat that has not been dried, and dry it.
  2. Apply a layer of Reinforced plastic or UV GEl.
  3. After drying, polish to a flat surface and apply top coat.
  4. Common glitter can be applied, and the shiny effect is UPUP.

The following are some common matching methods, which can be used to jump colors and lighten fingertips, and can also be used as the base and style of styles.

2 glitter gradient

It is also a more common practice. The gradient effect created by glitter transitions naturally, the fingertips are very flashy, and there are many customers who like it. This fine glitter can be!

Operation method:

After applying the base coat, lightly sprinkle the glitter on the nail surface to make the shape, and apply the top coat after drying.

Only a fine-grained glitter can make a natural transition effect. The “laser micro-glitter” and “laser micro-glitter” series in the mall can be used for this method.

The monochrome gradient is very suitable for customers who like simple, temperament-type nails. In the autumn and winter seasons, the white silver gradient has a more snowy feel. Don’t miss it!

3 fine glitter aurora effect

More advanced methods, requiring very fine glitter, to create a uniform fine glitter effect, Japanese nails are super common! Generally speaking, pearl, mermaid, aurora, etc. can be created by this method. Use super fine glitter!

Operation method:

Pat the top coat a little on the base coat, then use a brush to dip a very small amount of glitter and gently pat. Apply on top coat after drying.

The “Super Fine Star Glitter” in the mall is applicable to this method. Its powder is super fine and has reached the eye shadow level!

The following is the effect picture, very beautiful and fine flashes!

4High-level modeling

More advanced manicurists will use glitter to style together. With different glitters to increase the layering of the picture and make the nail look more advanced.

In addition, you can use glitter to sprinkle on the outline and then dry it to make the shape more three-dimensional.

The following demonstration is an effect demonstration:

5 creative mixing

Finally, the most creative gameplay!

Combine different glitter and gel polish, match colors as you want, you can match a lot of different new glues in minutes! Now that you are ready, you are the mixer!