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Laser paper shining fingertips, Acrylic Nail Tutorial, Let your nails become the focus of everyone

Laser paper shining fingertips Acrylic Nail tutorial

The unique material of laser paper gives it a charming luster in the sun, and it is a frequently used material in nail art. It can bring different light effects to nails, and it has multicolored colors to create nail art changes. Share a laser paper nail art, which replaces the flat effect of nail polish, making nail art full of three-dimensionality and energetic. The combination with rhinestones makes the light feel more concentrated, which definitely makes the nail art the focus of everyone.

Laser paper shining fingertips

First trim the nails into elegant oval shapes, grind the fingertips into smooth arcs, and isolate and protect the colorless nutrient solution. Then apply a layer of black nail polish. Although the black nail polish is almost invisible in the final effect, it can make the reflection of the laser paper more obvious and highlight the color of the laser paper itself. Cut the laser paper roughly into the shape of a nail, and then fold it in half several times to leave a crease on the paper. After unfolding again, there will be rays emitted in the middle, making the halo effect more intense. Cut a few cuts on the edge of the laser paper and stick it on the nail surface more smoothly. The wrinkles of the laser paper after pasting will make the surface become three-dimensional and bring charming brilliance.

Laser paper shining fingertips

Apply a layer of protective oil on the laser paper to increase the brightness, and then squeeze a layer of glue around the flash diamonds. The flash diamonds are arranged neatly to completely cover the edges of the laser paper, and the shape will be more refined. This nail art has a very transparent decorative effect. The wrinkled laser paper has a gradual color, and crystal rhinestones surround the shimmering nail surface. You can also try other combinations, gold thread with laser paper, the effect will be more exotic.

Laser paper shining fingertips

There are many other styles of nail art that can be made with laser paper. After cutting into small pieces, you can create a texture of broken glass and make stripes to bring a sense of hierarchy. It is also very compatible with various decorations, whether it is luxurious rhinestones or fine glitter, the combination and matching will bring surprise effects. Girls who like to make nails by themselves cannot lack a piece of laser paper.

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