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List of all items in the nail salon

List of all items in the nail salon| NRN Nail Knowledge

List of all items in the nail salon

Nail Art Projects in Nail Shop: Nail Pen Drawing, Nail Drawing, Nail Printing, Patch Nails, Acrylic Nails, UV Resin Nails

List of all items in the nail salon

Nail pen drawing: Use special nail paint to draw illustrations on the nail surface.

Nail sketching: Use nail polish and two-purpose nail art pen to sketch simple and beautiful patterns.

Nail inkjet: Use an inkjet printer and special inkjet paint to spray various gradient colors on the nail surface.

Patch nails: Use special nail glue to stick the full or half nails on the surface of the nails, thus creating a long nail shape, which has poor air permeability.

Acrylic Nail: Use Acrylic Nail powder, Acrylic Nail liquid to create a beautiful nail shape. Acrylic Nail originated in Hollywood. It is characterized by its strong and wear-resistant texture and is not easy to break.

UV Resin Nail: It is a replacement product of Acrylic Nail. It is colorless, odorless, and chemical-free. It uses ultraviolet rays to polymerize natural resin on the surface of the real nail to create tough and shiny nails.

The price is different in every region and every nail shop, and the price cannot be marked.

List of all items in the nail salon

Data extension:

Burgundy is an all-purpose nail polish. Anyone who wears it will be very beautiful. It has a deep color and can hide the mess of nails and make the complexion look fairer. Even if it is not worthy of jewelry, it can display feminine charm.

Pink it exudes a romantic atmosphere, showing a cute girlish taste, don’t forget to wear lovely jewelry when using it. If you want to show the romantic style, you should match matte and transparent accessories.

Green: Dark green is very suitable for girls with short nails. It gives a cool feeling. If you want to show off your personality, don’t miss this color. It matches well with folk style dresses, and is most suitable for leather or handmade style jewelry.

Bright green Bright green with pearl luster is full of futuristic feeling, will make your fingertips brighter, suitable for matching rice, coffee, gray clothing and jewelry.

Silver series: This is a futuristic color, which can express the beauty of modern cities better than silver eye color and color collection. Apply silver nail polish and necessary silver accessories to make the color more uniform. If you can match the pearl color makeup, it will be more balanced.

Ice blue is the color of absolute summer, and the effect will be even better if matched with jewelry of the same color.

List of all items in the nail salon
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Nail product wholesale description:
1. The wholesale quantity of all nail products cannot be lower than the minimum starting quantity on the website.
2. The delivery time is generally the day (from Guangzhou) after receiving the customer’s payment! Contact the owner for large quantities
Contact number: +8615822532116
3. Before placing an order, do not guarantee that the goods are 100% not out of stock. Due to the large daily delivery volume, it may cause temporary out of stock products. If some products are temporarily out of stock, the quantity is within 20% of the total. , It will be sent directly without further notice, please be sure to understand, thanks!
Some products are distributed randomly in multiple colors, which does not mean that multiple colors are distributed equally. We try to be evenly distributed, but often a batch of goods is of the same color, so we can only try our best, but we do not guarantee it!

There are a lot of buyers for daily online consultation, and online customer service sometimes even faces dozens of buyers’ inquiries, so please bear with me. It’s not that we don’t care about you or even have a positive attitude. I would like to say sorry to you in advance. If there is any slow response or missed response, please understand, thank you!

NRN can accept customized samples, customized requirements:
1. The order quantity is not less than 1200 pieces;
2. To confirm the order, please pay one-third of the payment in advance as a deposit;
3. Order time and delivery time need to negotiate with us;
4. Samples should be provided when ordering with samples, and the postage should be paid!
5. Please prepay the mold opening fee if you confirm the order for large quantity;
6. A large quantity requires both parties to sign a contract guarantee;
7. This shop does not provide samples for free. If you need samples, please contact customer service and place an order at double the price. When placing an order, the sample fee and courier fee will be returned.
Payment instructions:
Customers can pay in the following three ways:
1. Place an order directly online, and pay for the goods and freight through PayPal or credit card;
2. Offline transactions, transfer via PayPal,
3. Offline transactions, transfer by bank card,

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