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Nail supplies Acrylic powder imported carved powder Acrylic nail professional Clear white pink wholesale

Nail supplies Acrylic powder imported carved powder Acrylic nail professional Clear white pink three-color wholesale

Product Name: Imported Acrylic Powder for Nail Art

Product capacity: 28ml

Product color: three colors

Product display:

Nail supplies Acrylic powder

Summarize the following points for reference by Acrylic beginners!

  1. Pay attention to control the mixing ratio of Nail liquid and Acrylic powder. It is not easy to have too much water and too little or too thick powder. Generally order half of the Nail liquid on the pen belly. When taking the powder, don’t rub the pen back and forth in the Acrylic powder pile. You should put the nib upright, and then lift the pen. If you see a ball, it’s OK. . Pay attention to this powder ball, not too wet or too dry.
  2. When using the engraving pen again, be sure to draw a stroke and wash it once. Put the pen next to it and stand by at any time! Don’t wait for the Acrylic powder on the pen to dry before remembering to clean it. It’s easy to damage. If it’s really dry, then I think of washing it. The first aid method is to soak the pen in the nail remover. It will not take too long to soften the dry Acrylic powder. It will avoid the hair of the Acrylic pen for too long. Broke

The following is a brief introduction to the production of carved and Acrylic nails, only for production test

Carved production process

Materials needed: Acrylic powder, Nail liquid, pen wash, Acrylic pen, Acrylic cup.

(Need to briefly talk about Acrylic pens. The most commonly used Acrylic pens are No. 3, No. 4, No. 6, and No. 8. The larger the number, the larger the pen. If we want to engrave larger objects, we can Use a large Acrylic pen, such as a big flower with a big heart. In addition to larger things, we usually use the number 4 directly, and the number 6 engraving pen is good. The number 6 is more centered, and the carved Acrylic can be used. .)

  1. Pour Nail liquid into Acrylic cup, Don’t use a lot of Nail liquid. If you just want to do powder carving at the time, basically as long as the nib of the carving pen can get solvent. (Some friends report that the taste of Nail liquid is relatively big. At this time, you can consider buying an Acrylic cup with a lid. When not in use, cover it with the lid to reduce the volatilization of Nail liquid. Nail liquid is a chemical reagent. Do not touch for a long time.)
  2. Put the pen in the solvent, and completely immerse the pen in the Nail liquid.
    After taking it out, the pen and the tip of the pen will be filled with a lot of solvent. If there is too much solvent on the pen, we will not be able to pick up the small powder, so the amount of solvent on the pen should be reduced. We touch the pen to the side of the container to let the excess solvent flow out along the container, just touch it once or twice, if you touch too much, the solvent on the pen will flow out too much, it will not be enough, and then touch again When you use it, you have to sharpen the tip of the pen a little bit so that the powder will be small.
  3. Next, start taking powder.

There are two ways to pick up powder, which are briefly introduced for the pros and cons.

Method A: Gently press down, we touch the powder surface with the single side of the pen to dip the powder (a little tongue-twisting). When you touch it gently, you can pick up the pen. The longer the pen touches the powder surface , The powder will be larger. Of course, if the amount of solvent on the pen is too large, it will be easy to stain. The powder should be large or small, depending on the size of the thing you want to make. So think about the size first, and then get the proper amount of powder.

After the pen is picked up, the powder will adsorb to the pen and form a spherical shape. Generally, if the humidity is normal, the powder will not fall off. Unless the amount of solvent is too much, the powder will flow down because of too much moisture.

Method B: First, straighten the pen and prepare the powder to be dipped in a vertical manner. Next, poke the nib into the powder and make a circle. The larger the powder to be dipped, the more turns it will make. After winding around and picking it up, the powder will form a ball with the pen. You can refer to both methods to see which method you are used to.

Special reminders are:

If the powder is too wet, the powder may stick to the pen when the pen is removed. If the powder is too dry, the powder will not be able to adsorb to the nails.

The three powders in the above figure represent the powder situation when the amount of solvent is different. Left: The powder is too wet, so the powder will collapse and become flat after putting it on; Middle: The powder is dry and wet, so the powder will form in the original The ground will not collapse; right: the powder is too dry, so even after putting it on, it will not form into a ball. We generally want to touch the spherical shape in the middle, which should be a little three-dimensional and become a beautiful spherical surface.

  1. Touch the ball gently to the nail (or where it is to be placed),

After touching it, stop for 2-3 seconds, the powder will naturally adsorb to the nail, and then take the pen away. Then the powder will be smoothly put on the nail.

After the powder is put on, we wipe the solvent and residual powder from the pen back and forth on the toilet paper, and then proceed to the next step of carving. If the remaining powder is not removed, the Acrylic pen will easily become stuck in the powder, and there may be agglomerations in the pen after the powder is applied. Please handle it carefully or the pen will break.

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