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Nail Tips | The advantages of gel polishes in 2018 are revealed!

Whether it is an international brand or a niche brand, there will be favorite brands, but little is known about our gel polish for nails! Recently, many friends have asked Xiaobian what are the brands of gel polish? How to distinguish the quality of gel polish? Monita Academy teachers will introduce you to several brands of gel polish!
CND shellac

CND shellac is Professional gel polish brand from the United States. Strong color saturation, free of formaldehyde, toluene and DPB. It is a gel polish that can be used by pregnant women and children. The gel is soft. In addition, it does not hurt nails and is a very healthy and practical nail polish.

OPI gel polish

OPI gel polish is From the United States, it is a brand that everyone is familiar with. It is also a non-toxic and harmless odor of natural resin glue. The color is gorgeous, the red is too much, the saturation is good, the gum is thin, and the durability is very good. Volkswagen gel polish.


PRESTO is a gel polish brand from Japan. It is a very professional gel polish brand. Whether it is color gel or functional gel, it is a super easy-to-use brand. It belongs to hard gel and has high color saturation. Adhesives, base coats and top coats are very powerful, and they are also used with other brands.

This gel polish is a box glue of PRESTO brand.

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This gel polish is a box glue of PRESTO brand will be a little thicker than the bottle glue. It needs to be applied to the nails with a phototherapy pen. It will be better to be operated by a professional manicurist. OK, also suitable for high-end customers


PREGEL SUPER COLOR is also a brand from Japan. The small step is the name of the cute doll. It sounds very cute and has wood. The colors are softer overall and very beautiful colors.


PREGEL PREMDOLL A series of small step rubber is also a special color system. There are small glitters, line sequins, fur, shells, etc. The glue is too hard. If it is unevenly coated, it will need to be slightly polished, but as pattern glue, it is very Good choice.


VETRO is also Japanese-style nail polish, and it is also boxed, with thick gum and high color saturation. Many people do not know much about this nail polish. Its entire set is 267 colors, and there is a lot of room for choice. Can be the main brand in the store, not the same.

GELGRAPH nail polish

In Japanese products, it is a relatively cool color glue. The same boxed glue, the color is transparent, each layer of thin coating should be uniform, the texture is good, not skin, good quality, suitable for high-end customer groups.


A Canadian gel polish, the color gel bottled gel is very clear, the gel is soft, and the boxed gel has good color saturation. It belongs to the luxury gel polish. It is 100% vegetable gum and is not easy to fade. The main recommendation is this special Bright top coat, super long-lasting, shiny degree, is really a luxury star product.

AKZENTZ is Hermès in gel polish. It is a top product that has passed the international “SGS” safety inspection certification and EU safety inspection. This functional glue can be used as an extension of gel polish and gel polish. It is very powerful. Brand, jack is not for sales! I just hope that ladies have some knowledge of the gel polish brand!