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New market of nail industry! Four new directions for the development of the nail industry

New market of nail industry | NRN Nail Tips

Fingertips are fashionable windows, and manicures decorate countless women’s dreams. Counting from the birth of nail polish in the modern sense, the nail polish industry has experienced countless upgrades and updates of nail polish formulations for more than 100 years. With people’s pursuit of nail fashion, the nail industry has also begun to explode.

Nail art is the vanguard of fashion. With the opening of women’s ideology and the development of women’s economy, social progress, and the awakening of feminist consciousness, women pay more and more attention to their health and their beauty. Therefore, the nail industry The more and more prosperous, the more and more nail salons open, the prospects of the nail industry are naturally optimistic for the public. However, many people are not clear about the new direction of the nail industry development. In fact, the development of the nail industry is mainly based on the “four aspects” “The direction of development,

New market of nail industry


The functional diversification of nail salons

This is one of the most obvious characteristics of the development trend of the nail industry. A few years ago, the nail salon was a place for beauty lovers to do hand and foot care and nail beauty, with a single function. But in recent years, the business of nail salons has expanded to diversified services such as hand skin care, makeup, and beauty massage. However, compared with Western countries, in addition to basic services such as manicure and hand care, customers in nail salons are also an ideal place for cultural exchanges and business negotiations between customers and friends or business partners. I believe that this trend of project diversification will surely cause a new trend in China. Heramira keeps up with the pace of the international nail industry, and has carried out brand-new improvements and upgrades in store decoration design, store function equipment installation, store promotion and so on. The needs of customers are our greatest pursuit.

New market of nail industry


Chain groupization of nail industry

A certain direction of the development trend of the nail industry is the franchise groupization of nail salons. With the gradual standardization of the nail market and the continuous improvement of consumer requirements, some small street shops with single functions can no longer meet the many needs of consumers. This has prompted the birth and development of nail brand chain institutions. In fact, joining some big nail brands, such as NRN Nail nail franchise brands, has more advantages than disadvantages for some small nail shops. Imagine that a small nail salon has the assistance of the headquarters, a unified product, service process and management model. It is not only easy to attract fixed high-quality customers and provide them with better services, but also make the nail salon’s opening process faster and lower Difficulty in operation, this is also one of the development trends of the nail industry. NRN Nail headquarters has integrated the development, research, and innovation of hair accessories, makeup and beauty, semi-permanent tattoos, nails and eyelashes and other beauty and cosmetic industries. Currently, The company has entered the stage of chain groupization, high-end brand, and technological development of products. In the later period, I will continue to work hard!

New market of nail industry


The market scale of the nail industry expands

Ten years ago, people were shocked by the 952 million market share of the nail industry. Today, ten years later, the market share of the nail industry has reached more than 120 billion yuan, accounting for 12% of the total beauty industry, and its growth rate is amazing. According to incomplete statistics, the number of employees in the nail industry is also soaring and growing. The continuous expansion of the market scale is one of the obvious signs of the development trend of the nail industry.

New market of nail industry

Positioning and high-end of nail industry

Another notable feature of the development trend of the nail industry is that the positioning of the nail industry has begun to gradually transition to high-end. From the small stalls at the beginning to the street shops, to today’s high-end nail salon clubs such as flagship stores and supreme stores. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, in this era of user experience, customers not only want beautiful and exquisite nails, but also enjoy the caring service of a manicurist. Users regularly enter the store to do nail art has become a prominent feature of the development trend of the nail art industry. In 2021, NRN Nail has launched a new model to better meet the needs of market development. New concepts, new technologies, new models, new departures. A more comprehensive model, greater support, to meet the needs of more different entrepreneurs to open stores.

New market of nail industry
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