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NRN Acrylic Powder: Nail Supplies Acrylic nail powder product Acrylic powder Color Carved powder

Nail Supplies Acrylic nail powder product Acrylic powder Color

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Supply keystone nail liquid, acrylic powder, carved flower powder, transparent gel, binder, desiccant

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3D carving tutorial

Preparation materials: nail liquid, carved powder, carved pen, brush lotion, acrylic cup

Step 1 dip the nail liquid

Soak the carved pen in an acrylic cup that is about 6 minutes full, so that the surface of the pen is filled with solvent, and even the pen belly is infiltrated; when lifting the carved pen, press lightly on the edge of the solvent cup to scrape off the excess solvent. As long as there is no dripping, and the hair ends are not scattered, enough solvent will be hidden in the belly of the carved pen.

*The solvent does not need to be too full, just add it when it is not enough.

Step 2 Take powder

Dip the white acrylic powder to form a ball,

*If the acrylic powder is fluid, that is, if the solvent is too much, it will be too wet, so it will easily lose shape

*If the nib is open and the water content is insufficient, the acrylic powder will be too dry, which is not good.

Step 3 teardrop

Place a spherical white acrylic powder on the nail polished with crystal nail polish and lightly press it with a carved pen tip to form a teardrop shape. You can also use the pen tip to press the middle of the acrylic ball into a heart shape, that is to make a five-petal flower

Step 4 The second tear

Next to a drop of powder, put another drop of the same tear, which is a heart shape!

*If the middle joint of the heart shape is not smooth enough, just smooth it with the tip of a pen.

Step 5 The third drop of powder

Take the red acrylic powder into a ball shape and place it next to the white heart shape.

Step 6 Fourth drop of powder

Another drop of red acrylic powder is made into a red heart shape.

Step 7 frame edge

Frame the heart shape with small pearls to increase the three-dimensionality and cuteness. Of course, you can also choose to use other decorations.

Step 8 embellishment

Randomly embellish several flat acrylic diamonds to increase richness and overall balance.

Step 9 highlight

Use one or two bigger diamonds to highlight the brightness.

Step10 Super bright oil

Apply anti-UV gloss oil, which can resist ultraviolet rays for a long time

It not only prevents nails from turning yellow, but also increases gloss.

Step11 3D color carving model, more charming style

That’s it! Isn’t it easy?

Note: Before the powder on the carved pen is condensed and hardened, immediately put it in the pen washing water to clean it. This step is very important to protect the pen.

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  1. Use a carving pen to soak and moisten the nail liquid to filter out excessive water;
  2. Dip a small amount of carved powder with the tip of the pen, and immediately react and melt into a powder ball;
  3. Drop it on the nail surface, press it with the pen belly while the powder ball is not dry, and push it into your favorite peach heart, bow, small flower and other shapes;
  4. The powder ball will dry and harden immediately, just apply bright oil;
  5. Before the powder on the carved pen condenses and hardens, immediately put it in the pen washing water to clean it. This step is very important to protect the pen!

When receiving the goods, please unpack and inspect at the time of receipt. If there is any problem, please refuse to sign. We are responsible for seeking compensation from the relevant transportation department; if you sign for the damage and report the loss of some goods, the responsibility cannot be clearly distinguished. Therefore, you cannot claim for compensation, which will damage your interests. .

*In the production process, use kitchen paper towels to help clear the pen and absorb excessive water at any time. The basic production process of fashionable acrylic nails and acrylic carvings: use acrylic pen/carved nib dipped in nail liquid, then dip appropriate amount of acrylic powder/carved flower powder, and use a mixture of nail liquid and acrylic powder/carved pen to form acrylic on the nib Grease ball, put the acrylic grease ball on the nail surface/tin foil, shape it with a pen, and then polish it after solidification. This is a rough process for making acrylic nail/acrylic carving.

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Supply keystone nail liquid, acrylic powder, carved flower powder, transparent gel, binder, desiccant

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