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NRN Autumn and Winter Manicure Wear Guide, Your Fingers Should Be “wear”

Autumn and Winter Manicure style recommendation|NRN nail recommendation

It’s been a long time in winter, and the cold airflow, all black, white, gray and brown clothes in the closet make you feel that life is a bit dull and lose the freshness of summer? NRN autumn and winter warm nail art, warm the cold winter at your fingertips, and bring ever-changing vitality and fashionable charm to your autumn and winter.

The most important thing in autumn and winter is to make a fuss about color. Color determines taste and follows the mainstream of color. As the vane of nail art, DashingDiva has been following the pace of color trends, combined with fashion week’s trend color card, NRN nail art teaches you how Become the most dazzling fashion icon in winter.

Autumn and Winter Manicure

Naked milk tea is one of the most suitable colors for autumn and winter. With a variety of windbreakers and lazy knitted jackets, you can exude a gentle breath. The passion and fragrance are exuded at your fingertips. NRN is in the design of nail stickers. It uses just the right soft leopard print, pearls, and sequins embellishment, not too sweet and not boring, very charming.

Autumn and Winter Manicure

The haze blue from the fairyland is a natural fit for a fairy-like long skirt. In winter, wear a simple pearl skirt with a light-colored coat and match it with NRN romantic blue nail stickers with different saturations. It interprets the deep and bright romantic temperament that is different from summer, and makes people feel as fresh and broad as the blue sky.

Autumn and Winter Manicure

All colors may be out of date in winter, but apart from red, as the preferred autumn and winter color for mature women, it is matched with a variety of woolen coats. NRN nail’s retro red nail art stickers have passed the inspection of lines, checks, waves, and pearls. Waiting for romantic elements, you can instantly wake up the dullness, without losing the charm in the enthusiasm, and showing the unique charm of an elegant mature woman in elegance.

Autumn and Winter Manicure

Just like every winter wardrobe will have a versatile lining, every fingertip should also have a versatile one-second nail sticker, you can change your finger “closet” anytime, anywhere, come to NRN Nail to find your own fashion inspiration

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