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NRN Gel Nail Polish: Are the Ingredients of Gel Nail Polish a natural resin?

Ingredients of Gel Nail Polish Interpretation | NRN Gel Nail Polish

Nail art is addictive. Once you get it, you can’t stop it for the first time. If lipstick ranks first in our hearts, then nail art is the second child. The beautiful color of the fingertips is heartbreaking. The following editor will show you whether the gel nail polish is a natural resin? Interpretation of the ingredients of Gel Nail Polish.

For the sake of sales, many stores will say, “Our gel nail polishes use natural resin” emmm, natural resin, let me give you an example, the price of natural beeswax (petrochemical natural resin) is very expensive. Do you think the gel nail polish for $3 to $5 can be made of natural resin? It’s impossible for $10, so don’t think about it!

Synthetic resin is actually a cheap and easy-to-use material. Buying something from US$3 to US$5 has to be pure natural, which is unnecessary. All cosmetics have preservatives. You don’t use the same beauty, you have to be entangled in whether it is pure natural resin or not. If you want me to say it is a fake health preservation.

Ingredients of Gel Nail Polish

Another name for nail polish is nail lacquer, which evolved from paint and can be directly applied to nails to make the nails brighter and beautify. Gel nail polish has the same effect as nail polish, but the composition is completely different. It is a kind of UV Gel, a resin, similar to plastic. The operation method is completely different from nail polish. It requires bonding agent, color gel nail polish and Top Coat, and each coat needs to be hardened with ultraviolet light. Its advantage is that the hardness and gloss are better than nail polish, and it lasts for a long time.

Ingredients of Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish (Barbie, QQ Gel nail polish) specifically has the following types:

Solid Color Gel Nail Polish (Pure Color Gel Nail Polish)

Colorful Gel Nail Polish (Sequined Gel Nail Polish)

Fluorescent Gel nail polish (it will be very seductive and bright under ultraviolet light)

Luminous Gel Nail Polish (will store light and shine at night, a bit like a light stick for kids)

Snake pattern gel nail polish (bubble nail polish, the operation takes a little longer)

Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish (Like cat eyes, very interesting)

3D Phantom Gel nail polish (the characteristics of the nail polish are almost the same as the cat’s eye gel nail polish, but the texture tool is different)

Gradient Gel Nail Polish (temperature-changing Gel Nail Polish, as the temperature changes, the color will appear different colors, showing a gradual effect)

HTGel Nail Polish (Health first, fresh experience: made of pure natural medical raw materials.)

Metal Gel Nail Polish (metallic color, requires exclusive primer seal layer)

Sugar Gel Nail Polish (Japanese sweet and lovely)

Ingredients of Gel Nail Polish
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