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NRN Glitter Powder Supplier | Super Bright Silver Glitter Powder | Printed Silver Glitter Powder | Glitter Powder Manufacturer | Imported Silver Glitter Powder

Glitter Powder Manufacturer Super Bright Silver Glitter Powder

NRN Super Bright Silver Glitter Powder is made of high-precision aluminum, polyester, PVC and other color electroplating materials. NRN Super Bright Silver Glitter Powder can be injected, screen printed, coated, and sprayed. On paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather, plastic, ceramics and other materials, it can form special or eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection.

Glitter Powder Manufacturer

Super Bright Silver Glitter Powder: also known as gold and silver glitter. Including aluminum gold and silver powder, polyester gold and silver powder, magic color powder, laser gold and silver powder, etc. Available in aluminum, PET, and PVC materials. The size specification (size) ranges from 1/256 (0, 1mm) to 1/8 (3, 0mm). There are hexagonal, quadrangular, long needle-shaped and irregular shapes, and there are many colors to choose from. Glitter powder of various materials can withstand high temperature in different degrees (ranging from 80C, 180C, 300*C).

Glitter Powder Manufacturer

It is widely used in Christmas decoration, fabric printing, paper printing, couplets, cosmetics (nail polish, eye shadow, etc.) weaving trademarks, accessories, handicrafts, fashion, decorative fabrics, ties, gift packaging, textile printing and dyeing, artificial rubber flowers, silk flowers, Artificial fruits, craft gifts, Christmas gifts, glitter glue, greeting card pens, resin crafts, glass crafts, craft candles, stationery, screen printing and other industries, toys, heat transfer, plastic products and other industries.

Glitter Powder Manufacturer

The imported Silver Glitter Powder provided by our company is used for decoration and decoration, which can increase the luminosity, brightness and reflectivity of the product. Compared with other items with only flat colors, the use of gold and silver powder can make your product unique and dynamic Beauty, thus opening up a market for you.

1. Product name: Glitter Powder in kilograms;
2. Product specifications: 1kg single PE ziplock bag;
3. Product weight: 1000g, 30kg/box;
4. Product use: Dip powder needs to be used in conjunction with Acrylic liquid. There is an odor when using it. Please keep indoor ventilation.

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