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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder:Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail Tutorial

Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail | NRN Nail Tutorial

We usually go to nail salons to do manicures. We should have heard of acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are a common style of nail art. Acrylic nails can decorate our nails very well, sweet and dreamy.

Step 1: Apply a coat of nail polish to dry the nails after the basic trimming. Then prepare two favorite stickers and cellophane, as well as a bottle of pink purple sequin nail polish and nude pink nail polish.

Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail

Step 2: Apply pink and purple sequined nail polish to the nails and dry them. To make the color fuller, apply a layer and dry it. Then use nude pink nail polish to make a concave shape on the edge of the nail, as shown in the picture to dry.

Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail

Step 3: Paste the small pieces of cut triangular cellophane on the nude pink color block. Then choose your favorite sticker and paste it on the blank space for decoration.

Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail

Step 4: Dry other nails in this way. Finally, apply a transparent TOP GEL sealing layer to all the nails and dry them.

Acrylic Nail Glass Fragment Nail

TOP GEL is a thin UV upper layer gel. After curing, gel grease will remain on the surface. You need to use KEYSTONE1000706 Eurocleanser gel cleaning fluid to clean the remaining grease on the surface. The curing time of this product does not exceed 3 minutes,

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