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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder: how to repair a broken nail | Nail Sharing

how to repair a broken nail | NRN Nail Sharing

Whether it’s a girl who has never done a manicure or a broken nail caused by improper nail removal and other reasons, it is a test for the manicurist. Just like the nail at the beginning of the article, it is simply horrible, and it is more difficult to repair~ Today, Shang Mei will tell you how to repair broken nails.

   For people with thin nails, they often encounter nails that have been left for a long time and always break accidentally. That heartache! Don’t worry, if you encounter such a situation, you might as well try the crystal repair method~

   Nail face before repair:

how to repair a broken nail
  1. Clean the nail surface:    Use detergent to clean the nail surface oil.
  2. Paste the gap:    Apply nail art patch glue to the nail surface gap, so that the glue penetrates into the gap, and wait for it to dry naturally.
  3. Polish the nail surface:    Gently sand the nail surface with a sand bar, and smooth the glue joint.
  4. Carve and polish the nail surface:    Use the rough surface of the sand stick to cut the nail surface vertically until the nail surface is not smooth.
  5. Clean the nail surface:    Use a dust brush to remove nail shavings, and then use detergent to clean the nail surface.
  6. The effect of engraving the nail surface and applying desiccant
  7. Take acrylic powder:    Use an acrylic pen to take the nail liquid and mix an appropriate amount of transparent acrylic powder to form acrylic ester, and place it in the middle of the nail surface.
  8. Apply the first acrylic ester:    Use an acrylic pen to apply from the middle of the nail surface to the front edge.
  9. Apply the second acrylic ester:    Use an acrylic pen to take an appropriate amount of acrylic ester and place it on the back edge of the nail. Use the pen tip to apply to the front edge and wait for it to dry.
  10. Trimming a type:    Use a sand stick to polish the nail shape, and lightly polish both sides.
  11. Polish the nail surface:    Polish the nail surface in the order of side-front-side until the nail surface is smooth and even thickness.
  12. Polish the nail surface:    Use a sponge file to grind away the dust on the nail edge, and lightly throw the nail surface to make it smooth.
  13. Clean the nail surface:    Clean the nail surface with a dust brush. Clean the inside and outside of the nails with cleanser.
  14. Polishing:

   Polish the nail surface with a polishing strip, apply nutrient oil and massage, apply top coat
Apply a thin layer of top coat on the nail surface and the inside of the nail, and illuminate it. If you are applying a scrub top coat, you need to clean the float with a detergent.

15: Repair is complete

   The gap on the right side of the nail surface is well repaired, and the nail surface is smooth and flat. After repairing the nails, it will be more beautiful and durable. You can make the style you want.

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