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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder: What is the difference between Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail?

Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail | NRN Nail Tips

Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail There are differences, the differences are as follows:

1. Production principle: UV Nail is an advanced artificial nail technology that solidifies UV gel. The artificial nail has the same elasticity as natural nails and is not easy to break. Acrylic Nail relies on the initiator and curing agent of chemicals such as Acrylic Nail powder and Acrylic Nail liquid to produce polymerization and curing reaction, which has a certain pungent odor.

2. Production time: The production time of UV Nail and Acrylic Nail are the same. Depending on the style to be produced, it is about 1 hour to 2 hours.

3. Maintenance time: In terms of effect maintenance, UV Nail is longer than Acrylic Nail, UV Nail can generally last 6-8 weeks, while Acrylic Nail is 2-3 weeks.

Acrylic Nail:

Various Acrylic Nail powder and Acrylic Nail liquid are cured on the carrier of natural nails by manicurists using special techniques to extend and beautify nails. The characteristic is that it can visually change the shape of the fingers, giving people a sense of slenderness, so as to make up for the regret that the shape of the hand is not beautiful. The nail color is mainly crystal clear, pink and natural.

UV Nail:

UV Nail is an advanced artificial nail technology that solidifies the UV gel through the action of light and through the ultraviolet A line. It uses pure natural resin materials to not only protect the nail and nail cover function, but also effectively correct the nail type. Make nails more delicate and moving.

Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail

Notes for nail art:

1. Do not use your fingernails to open the bottle cap or pull the opening clip. You can use your fingers if you need to pull the development clip, and use a bottle opener to open the bottle cap.

2. When doing housework, please wear plastic gloves to avoid abrasion of hands and nails.

3. When the edge of the nail is broken, please apply two coats of nail polish and remember to trim it at any time.

4. Nail clippers and hand cream should be provided in the bedside table and desk at home for easy access at any time.

5. The discoloration of nails due to smoking or long-term use of dark three-color nail polish can be treated with lemon.

6. Wipe with half a fresh lemon every day, and wipe it for two weeks to remove stains.

Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail

Acrylic nails are crystal clear and pink and white in color, which can be matched with clothing of various colors to bring out the elegance of women. Perfect nails are a metaphor for ample time, discretionary income and good self-control, reflecting a distinctive personality, and showing a charming style in every gesture.

The most commonly used nails in life are: square, square, oval, and pointed. You can create a perfect nail according to your hand shape and preferences.

1. Square nails: Generally speaking, square nails are personalized and trendy, not easy to break, and are more popular with professional women and white-collar workers.

2. Square round nails: The front and sides of the square round nails are straight, and the corners and corners are arc-shaped. This kind of strong-looking shape will give people a soft feeling. It is obvious for the joints and fingers. For slender people, the square shape can make up for the shortcomings.

3. Oval nails: oval nails, starting from the free edge, the outline of the nail tip is oval, which is a traditional oriental nail shape.

4. Pointed nails: Pointed nails are easy to break due to their small contact area, while Asian nails are thin and not suitable for sharpening.

Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail

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Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail
Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail
Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail
Acrylic Nail and UV Builder Nail

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