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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder: What nail artists must know

What nail artists must know | NRN Nail Tutorial

  1. Quick-drying Acrylic Nail Liquid B: Benefits: It is a widely popular product in the domestic market. It is bright and transparent, has a light odor, and is easy to build a thin and tough Acrylic nail body. The solidification speed is fast, and the nail pieces are smooth and easy to polish. Because of its constant quality and reasonable price, it is a favorite product of nail artists trained in professional nail art. Shortcomings: Only suitable for skilled manicurists, but for beginners.
  2. Charm: Dip dyeing: It is a kind of ornament made of metal material that has undergone extraordinary processing and used to hang on the nail. Classification: Gold and silver. There are various patterns to choose from. Advantages and disadvantages: The decorations are resistant to erosion and do not change color. They can be operated several times and repeatedly, and the decorations on the nails are very colorful and lovely, but if they are not careful, they will be broken.
  3. Acrylic powder (Nail Powder): Dip dyeing: very dense powdery solid, made of acrylic glass fiber. Through Acrylic Nail Liquid, you can build all kinds of nails, which are firm and durable. Classification: Acrylic nail powder is divided into pink nail powder, white nail powder, transparent toner and natural. In addition, there are colored nail powder. French Acrylic nail can be created with white and pink nail powder, and transparent Acrylic nail can be created with transparent toner. . Benefits: The nails made by Acrylic powder are the highest grade and the highest for craft accountants, and the nails made by the nails last the longest. Shortcomings: Due to the high level of craftsmanship, low-level manicurists are not easy to control.
  4. Acrylic Nail Liquid: Dip dyeing: Harmony Acrylic armor, build all kinds of Acrylic armor.
  5. UV Lamp: Dip dyeing: a kind of ultraviolet lamp, mainly used on gel nails, apply a layer of gel-like glue on the pasted nails, and then pass the UV lamp , Nails will feel very good. Advantages and disadvantages: It is easy to dominate the gel nails, with good gloss, but ultraviolet rays will more or less always affect the human body.
  6. Tip Coat: Dip dyeing: the last glaze after Acrylic nails are finished, and a brightening agent that prevents nails from turning yellow, with excellent light perception. Classification: There are two kinds of UV gloss oil and popular oil.
    Advantages and disadvantages: UV bright oil with light purple light, anti-yellow; if the ordinary bright oil is applied to Acrylic, the nails will turn yellow.
  7. Acrylic pen (Brush): Dip dyeing: It is made of Arctic mink hair and has good toughness. To build Acrylic nails, you must use a professional Acrylic pen for dipping nail polish remover powder. Classification: Acrylic pens range from No. 4 to No. 10. Professional nail artists in nail schools use Acrylic pens individually.
  8. Nail: Used to build Acrylic Nails. Nails are also called flexible nails and are made of ABS material. Classification: Divided into shallow patch, half patch and full patch. The colors are white and natural. Natural color nails are used to build American-style Acrylic nails, and white are used to make-style nails. Advantages and disadvantages: It is more convenient and time-saving to build nails with patches, but it is not as long as Acrylic nails when connecting to sleep.
  9. Nail Paint Kit: Dip dyeing: a kind of gold powder kit for painting, 4-8 pieces per set, unscrew the vial, there is a small brush inside, which resembles a drawing pen for drawing. Classification: Divided into two types: gold powder suit and oil paint suit. Advantages and disadvantages: The brush is very thin and can draw patterns directly on the nails.
  10. Silk: Dip dyeing: The fine vertical and horizontal collection of silk, attached to the nails, makes nails more stable, so it is called silk nails. Nail Primer: A type of adhesive that must be operated when building Acrylic nails. Classification: There are two kinds of acid and non-acid in the market.
    Advantages and disadvantages: It can make the nails stick more stable, but the acid will not touch the skin, so there is a clear request during operation.
  11. A. Anti-ultraviolet Acrylic Nail Liquid: Benefits: The latest domestic popular product, with light purple flashing, small odor, good flowability, easy to shape, and its composition contains anti-ultraviolet materials. Disadvantages: Fighting is slow, and it is slow to dominate a skilled manicurist.
  12. Decal: Dip dyeing: Decal is a paper decal that is used to paste on the finished Acrylic nail. There are thousands of patterns, and you can choose and combine them to comply with the needs of customers. Various patterns are produced. Classification: Divided into two types: water sticker and waterless sticker. Strengths and weaknesses: You can feel the time when guests are frugal, and they are helpful to nail artists who are not good at art skills. But decals can be made at home, and there is no such artistic influence.

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: Original factory with OEM/ODM service.

Q2: Can you customize logo and colors?
A: Yes, we have professional designers and experienced engineers to offer you satisfied products.

Q3: What is the material of your products?
A: Acrylic & Methacrylic. We also can customize as your formula.

Q4: How can I get some samples?
A: Free samples are offered. Please send us an inquiry or contact us on the trade messenger. We are always ready to offer you full help.

Q5: How about the quality control?
A: Professional Quality Inspection Department always paid great importance for QC.Professional Quality Inspection Department always paid great importance for QC.

Q6: How can i make an order and payment?
A: Please contact us for your order details, we will offer you professional service. The payment terms we have are paypal, western union, T/T etc.

Q7: What is the delivery time?
A: For samples, about 3-5 days you will get to test.
For orders, about 5-12 days, based on your order quantity.

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