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NRN Nail Acrylic Powder: What should be paid attention to when making acrylic nails

making acrylic nails | NRN Nail Tips

We usually go to nail salons to do manicures. We should have heard of acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are a common style of nail art. Acrylic nails can decorate our nails very well, sweet and dreamy.

Acrylic nail art is very popular nowadays. It is to add a piece of nail to the original nail and use three-dimensional three-dimensional inlaid nail to “set with diamonds”. The texture of Acrylic powder is good or bad. If you use Acrylic powder with poor air permeability and the manicurist is not very skilled, the bubbles and voids formed on the nails will become a breeding ground for bacteria. A period of time after the acrylic nails are made In fact, consumers’ fingernails are prone to inflammation, ranging from itching to redness and swelling. After acrylic nails have been made, they are likely to produce mold.

making acrylic nails

Look at the price and choose a nail shop that can accept the price. Different nail salons will have different consumption levels. Some take the refined route, and it may cost hundreds of dollars to paint a single color, and some shops take the mass route and only need a few dozen yuan for a single color.

making acrylic nails

Look at the evaluation, what the guests who have seen it say. In the evaluation, you can see the feelings of the guests who have been to this store. We need to see if there is any invisible consumption, will it be a bad attitude because of group buying, etc. If you only bought a solid color package and want to change the style or color when you come to the store, you may need to add money, so be careful~
Prepare a bottle of nail polish remover! In fact, nail remover towel is also good. General nail art can be removed with nail remover, but Baike Meimei thinks it is better to remove nail art with nail remover. The usage is to wipe the nail remover directly on the nail, and wrap it for a while. The specific steps for removing nail art are as follows.

  1. First apply nutrient oil on the nails.
  2. Soak the absorbent cotton ball in the nail polish remover, and then wrap the absorbent cotton ball around the nails.
  3. After that, wrap 10 nails with tin foil for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Finally, peel off the tin foil and cotton ball and clean the nails.

If you can’t find the nail polish remover for a while, you can apply a layer of nail polish on your nails, and then quickly wipe off with your nails. This will also remove the nail art, but the effect is not very good.

making acrylic nails

The main ingredient of base coat is to add natural plant extracts, fruit extracts, calcium ingredients and some banana water to the basic nail polish composition.

The main ingredients of top coat are some oily solvents such as pearl powder, volatile solvents, and nitrocellulose.

In the content of base coat, more attention is paid to adding some substances that can protect nails, which is very different from top coat.

Tips: The ingredients of different brands of products will be slightly different.

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