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NRN Nail Art Glitter: Nail Art Glitter Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art Glitter Gradient Nail Art Tutorial | NRN Nail Tutorial

What I brought today is an ultra-simple nail art, as long as a fine brush and nail polish are enough. You can also make beautiful nails. Let me show you the renderings first, how about it, not bad. Let’s learn together

Nail Art Glitter Gradient Nail

Step 1: After the basic trimming of the nails, apply the nail polish to the nails and dry them. Use black and white gel to paint your nails. Remember to apply two coats. Then take out the lake blue color glue and gently wipe or pat it in from your fingertips to make a gradual feeling. After drying, apply the same technique to the nails with a purple gradient. Finally, wait for the gradient color glue to dry and apply a layer of transparent gel polish with glitter to the nails, and the drying is complete.

Nail Art Glitter Gradient Nail

Step 2: After all the nails are done, remember to apply the top coat. Is it very simple?

Nail Art Glitter Gradient Nail

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