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NRN Nail Builder Gel: Nail Tips or Nail Builder which is more durable?

Nail Tips or Nail Builder which is more durable | NRN Nail Builder

Nail Builder is more durable. Ordinary Nail Tips have a relatively short time and simple process, which is very tenacious in three weeks. In comparison, the process of Builder nail art is more complicated and much finer than Nail Tips nail art. Therefore, the quality and durability of Builder nails will be longer after they are made. Nail Tips can also DIY by yourself, but Builder nail art, without certain skills and equipment from the nail shop, DIY by yourself is completely ineffective.

Nail Builder

What is the difference between Nail Tips and Nail Builder

First, let’s talk about Nail Tips nail art. Simply put, it is to stick a piece of artificial nail on the original nail. There are full stickers and half stickers. Half stickers are more troublesome than full stickers, but the general price is the same, and then various Fancy sketching and coloring. The scientific name of Nail Builder is “UV Gel nail art”. Nail Builder generally relies on Nail Builder paper support and Nail Builder Gel for plasticity. After UV, Nail Builder Gel becomes a fake nail art according to the craftsmanship of the manicurist.

Nail Builder

Nail Tips or Nail Builder which hurts less

Generally speaking, Nail Builder hurts less. Can choose UV Nail Builder, never post Nail Tips! Nail Tips are glued strongly with Gel, which is more or less harmful to this armor. There are many types of Nail Tips materials, the better ones are resins, and the lesser ones are plastics. Although the price of Nail Tips is usually much lower than that of Nail Builder, you must never make cheap Nail Tips and make inferior Nail Tips. Every time they fall off, they will take away a large layer of nails, and the pain of the fingertips will be accompanied by torn The ugly nails that I have had, the damage is great.

Nail Builder

The secret to keeping nails lasting

  1. Commonly used hand cream

The main reason for the dryness around the nails is lack of water. Maybe you often use hand cream, but whenever we use cleaning products to wash our face, wash dishes or wipe things, our nails are going through the cleaning process over and over again, so remember to always Reapply hand cream.

  1. Wear rubber gloves to do housework

Hands often need to be in contact with water and detergents. It is difficult to avoid dry nails and peeling off nails. Wearing rubber gloves to do housework can effectively protect hands and nails.

Nail Builder
  1. Product name: Painless Nail Builder Extension Acrylic Gel Nail Art UV Gel in kilograms;
  2. Product specifications: 1kg single bottled;
  3. Product weight: 1000g, 25kg/box;
  4. Gel Polish must be used in conjunction with Base Coat and Top Coat, and it can only be dried with a UV machine.
  5. Store in a dark, shaded place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep a certain distance from the UV machine during use, otherwise, it will be cured and dried out and cannot be used.
  6. Product use: Dip powder needs to be used in conjunction with Acrylic liquid. There is an odor when using it. Please keep indoor ventilation.
  7. Product Features: fine and even powder, no impurities, smooth after mixing the solution, easy to shape;
  8. Product usage: need to be used with Acrylic liquid, pour the Acrylic liquid into the cup before making the Acrylic armor or carving, use an Acrylic pen or Carving pen Take the liquid in the cup, after taking the cup, remove the excess liquid at the mouth of the cup, and then use the water that has been soaked in the crystal liquid

NRN COSMETICS Co., Ltd Is Nail Gel Polish and Nail Acrylic Powder Factory/Manufacturer/Wholesale Supplier From Guangzhou, China For 10 Years.

The Acrylic pen takes a powder, and the nib forms an Acrylic grease ball, which can be used to shape the nail surface;

Acrylic powder now comes in three colors: Clear, white, pink.

Acrylic Powder Can Be Colored According To Your Needs And Can Be Customized. Complete Dip Powder Nail Production Supply Chain. For More Detailed Information Please to Add Whatapp: +8615822532116
or 008615822532116

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