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NRN Nail Builder Gel: Steps of Nail Builder Gel

Steps of Nail Builder Gel | NRN Nail Tutorial

After finishing sanding, apply Top Coat and illuminate the lamp; take a piece of paper holder and paste it on the nail of the builder nail; if it is not suitable, you can tear off the paper holder and paste it; prepare UV gel and use flat mouth phototherapy Dip an appropriate amount of UV gel in the pen; first apply the paper support to the area on the paper support other than the nail link; then apply the nail surface; finally, the lamp can be cured.

When removing the Builder Gel, first trim the nails to a normal length, then use the sanding strip to grind off the top coat of the nail, wrap it with a nail remover, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After removing it, remove the colored gel from the nail. If there is still residue, you can use the nail remover again.

The nail art is recommended to be removed after 2~3 weeks. On the one hand, the new nails grow out and affect the appearance. On the other hand, the nails are too long and easy to break. The nails made with Builder Gel can be removed according to the following methods:

Nail Builder Gel
  1. First trim the nails to a normal length. Builder nails cannot be reused, so just cut them off directly, and then use a sanding strip to grind off the Top Coat on the nail surface.
  2. Wrap a nail remover pack or a nail remover towel on the nails. If you use the nail remover towel, it is best to wrap it with tin foil, let it stand for about 10 minutes, and then remove the nail remover towel.
  3. Use a nail remover or a dead skin pusher to clean the colored Gel and Base Coat. Some of the Base Coat may still not be removed. You can use the nail remover again for treatment.
  4. After the nail surface is thoroughly cleaned, it is recommended to use finger edge oil to protect the nails and prevent the growth of barbs.
Nail Builder Gel

If you don’t have tools to remove the nails, you can also go to the nail salon for treatment. Don’t force the nails off yourself to prevent the nails from becoming thin and damaged.

Nail Builder Gel

For the use of Nail Builder Gel and the sharing of nail removal techniques, this is the end. For girls who want to do their own nails, you can take suggestions!

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