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NRN Nail Builder: How to Use Nail Builder Gel

How to Use Nail Builder Gel

  1. How to remove Nail Builder Gel

If you are doing nail gel, then you usually have to go to the nail shop to unload the gel, because you have to polish it first, then wrap the nail gel with special nail remover and tin foil, and then scrape it off to remove it.
Ordinary nail polish can be used with nail remover~

  1. Which colors of Nail Builder Gel are used in nail salons?

To focus, you are asking “Nail Builder Gel”.
Nail builders usually prepare 2~3 colors of Nail Builder Gel, transparent, transparent white, transparent pink.

  1. How to make this kind of manicure with Nail Builder Gel, will it drop easily?

UV Builder is an advanced nail simulation technology that uses ultraviolet light to solidify the UV Gel, which not only makes short nails grow quickly, but also protects the nail cover and corrects the nail shape. It is a favorite of many women who love beauty. How can we make a UV Builder with natural shape and unbreakable shape? Let’s learn together with Xiaobian’s technique!

Tools needed for UV Builder nail art: sand strip, dust brush, cotton sheet, paper holder, UV pen, sponge file, nail lamp, Base Coat, 75° alcohol, UV Gel, 95° alcohol, sealing layer, nutrient oil

Tools needed for UV Builder nail art: Paper support Builder, fixed and shaped nails UV Gel reinforcement, Builder, nail correction

The UV pen is used to take UV Gel and apply it to the nail surface. The grinder needs to be plugged in to remove UV armor

Step 1: Use the rough surface of the sand bar to cut the nail surface vertically until it is not smooth.

Step 2: Use a dust brush to remove nail powder.

Step 3: Clean the nail surface with 75° alcohol

Step 4: The effect after engraving

Step 5: Use two fingers to bend both ends of the paper holder, and place it on the lower end of the front edge of the nail. Pay attention to the alignment of the center line and place it straight. Hold your fingertips, align the two sides and stick the back of the paper support

The center line of the paper support is aligned with the center of the hand

Observed from the side, the paper holder and the nail surface are on the same horizontal line, the paper holder is close to the nail, and there should be no gaps. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat to the nail surface and illuminate it. Then apply UV Gel; make a type A and light up.

Effect after completion

  1. How to use Nail Builder Gel?

Preparation materials: Nail Builder Gel, polished nails, pens, UV lamps.

1 .Fully polish the nail surface with a polishing pad, and clean the

How to use Nail Builder Gel

2 .Apply a layer of Base Coat on the nails and dry them with a light.

How to use Nail Builder Gel

3 .Take Clear Gel the size of soybean grains on the nail sheet.

How to use Nail Builder Gel

4. Dip the cleaning water with the pen and push the Clear Gel away.

How to use Nail Builder Gel

5. Put the nail piece on the nail surface and dry it under UV light for 60 seconds.

How to use Nail Builder Gel

6. Remove the model nail and carefully polish and correct the nail shape.

  1. How to do nail extension

There are two methods, using nails or simply UV extension.

Use nail strips: After the nails are cut and polished, wash them with alcohol, then stick the nail strips with glue, then manicure, and then apply QQ glue or other normally, if it is a half-stick extension, it needs to be pasted The edge of the nail piece is thickly fixed with UV Gel (from the side, it looks like a small crescent moon arc, the highest point is on the edge of the real nail and half nail piece), and then the shape is carved and colored or styled modeling.

UV extension: After cutting the nail surface, apply the nail support, starting from the edge of the nail, use a UV pen to stick the nail surface without leaving the glue, and apply a thicker layer of UV Gel in a circular loop (looks like a small string from the side) The arc of the moon, the highest point is on the edge of the real armor), then light and dry, manicure, and then other colors or styles are OK

  1. How to use the Builder Gel in the nail set
  1. Polish the nail surface first
  2. Clean nails with cleaning fluid
  3. Apply bonding agent and illuminate the lamp
  4. Apply Builder Gel, shine light
  5. Paint color Gel, light
  6. Apply Top Coat, shine light
    You can borrow this paper holder for extension.

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