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NRN Nail Carving: How to make nail carving? God! It’s so simple to learn

How to make nail carving?|NRN Nail tutorial

When the wedding day is approaching, one thing the bride needs to do is to dress herself up beautifully from start to finish. Nails are naturally a very important part! This day must be the focus of the audience, enjoy the gorgeousness! Speaking of nail art, three-dimensional carvings are the most beautiful. On this day, you can choose romantic and pure white, warm pink, festive red, or gorgeous and shiny metallic colors…come with you in a gorgeous dress Match. So how to do nail carving? Come and find out!

How to make nail carving?

How to do nail carving

The tall and tall nail carvings are really likable and make people love it! It is definitely a manicure that many girls can’t resist, so how do you make nail carvings look good? In addition to giving it to a professional manicurist, you can also try DIY at home!


Nail liquid, Acrylic powder, pen lotion, nail system gel, tweezers, etc.


The first step, before the manicure, clean and trim the natural nails, not to leave them too sharp;

The second step is to trim the nails. According to the needs of your nails, cut our nails for use.

The third step is to sprinkle some delicate bright powder with a lighter color on the nails, and then use the red powder to make a nail shape on the connecting part.

The fourth step, after laying the bottom, you can start carving on the nails. You can choose which flowers to carve according to the color of the foundation, which will be more integrated. After carving, you can decorate the flowers with some shining cores. good looking.

The fifth step, after the carving is completed, cut off the excess nail pieces, and spread some transparent powder, and finish the beautiful nail carving!

Nail carving techniques

How to make nail carving?

Nail carving is definitely technical work, but the nail patterns created through it are beautiful and captivate the hearts of thousands of girls. However, it seems that the price of nail carving outside is a bit expensive. If you want to DIY at home, you need to understand Here are some tips!

Tip 1, be patient! Hand-carved nail art is generally more difficult, especially those with more complicated carving content, but hand-carved nails are more detailed, so you need to carve more carefully.

Tip 2. The nail carving process must be fast. Dip an appropriate amount of Nail liquid with a pen, then immediately dip in Acrylic powder, mix them into a hemisphere, put it on the nail, and then press it into the shape of petals. The above process must be completed in a few seconds.

Tip 3. Some beginners often sculpt badly. At that time, because they didn’t understand the pattern to be carved, they were not proficient in carving, so that the carving was broken. You can master it by contacting more.

Nail carving tools

How to make nail carving?

Nail carving tools

I believe that many girls who like nail art can’t stand the temptation of carving. Nail carving is indeed full of romantic colors. How to make nail carving? Is it hard to do? Not necessarily! Let’s first understand what the tools for nail carving are.

Almost all nail art products are used in nail carving, such as Acrylic powder, Nail liquid, pen lotion, nail system Gel, tweezers, etc., and we can create the three-dimensional effect we want to express by hand.

The nail carving does not need to be deliberately maintained. Normally, the firmness can be guaranteed. But be careful not to scratch the part of the three-dimensional carving. In addition, it is best to choose a neutral hand sanitizer after manicure. Acidic and alkaline hand sanitizers can easily affect the color of rhinestones.

How to maintain the nail carving

How to make nail carving?

After finishing the beautiful nail carving, take good care of it to make the carving last longer! So how to maintain the nail carving?

1. Do not open hard objects such as bottle caps with the finished nail art. This will damage the nail edge and make the nail easy to bend.

2. After the nail art is done, if you have the habit of biting your nails, you must overcome it. This will not only allow bacteria to grow on the nails, but also stain the nails. The uneven edges of the nails will be greatly bitten. Land affects the beauty.

3. Trim the nail every three days, even if the nail polish is reapplied and the edges are trimmed, the nail can be preserved more perfectly. How to remove the nail carving

How to make nail carving?

How to remove the nail carving

Although the nail carving is cute and romantic, it is a big love for many girls, but it is very troublesome when it is time to remove it. If you don’t have time to go to the nail shop to find a professional manicurist to remove it, then you should pay attention to some details when removing your nails!

How to remove the nail carving? Just use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to wrap your nails. Because nail polish remover corrodes nails, it is best to use better quality nail polish remover for about 20 minutes, or buy professional nail remover. , It’s best not to remove the nails yourself, as it will often hurt your nails.

Whether it’s a stick or a nail remover, it can damage the nails to a certain extent. Therefore, it is best to do a maintenance after removing the nails. Put nutrient oil on the edges of the nails, polish and wax the surface of the nails, and let your nails It looks healthy.

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