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NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel: Does Nail Cat Eye Gel apply once and suck it once? How to draw Nail Cat Eye Gel correctly with magnet

How to draw Nail Cat Eye Gel correctly with magnet | NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel

Friends who often do nail art should be familiar with Cat Eye Gel. This is a very beautiful type of nail art. The gloss after applying it is very unique. Then do cat eye gel nails apply once with a magnet?

Cat’s eye gel nail art is best to be sucked with an iron absorbing stone every time you apply it, and then dried with an ultraviolet lamp after sucking. Cat’s eye nail polish contains magnetic particles, and a strong magnet is used to suck on the nail surface. If the nail surface is not cured and sucked down after the application, the sucked finger will be affected by the magnet. The cat-eye effect of the previous nail.

The cat’s eye glue should not be too thin or too thick each time, so as to absorb the effect of the cat’s eye.

Cat Eye Gel

When using the magnet, the distance between the magnet and the nail surface is 2-3mm. After three seconds, remove it immediately. Don’t shake it, the effect of Cat Eye Gel can appear. If the suction effect is not satisfactory during the operation, you can apply a layer of Cat Eye Gel and inhale again.

Cat Eye Gel

Cat Eye Gel Polish, as the name suggests, is made to look like cat eyes, which can show different light and shadow under the change of light, and it is like an opal on the hand to attract attention.

Cat Eye Gel
  1. When using cat’s eye nail polish, it is best to use it with a removable binder and a removable wiper seal. If it is not used together, it is prone to bursting and difficult to remove.
  2. Apply cat-eye nail polish only once, not too thin or too thick.
  3. The magnet can be special, it can be the magnet on your refrigerator or other. You don’t have to buy a professional magnet. The thickness of the magnetic line of each magnet is different, you can use it according to your preference.

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