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NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel: How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel? What is the correct way of operation

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel?|NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel

Nail art is a favorite item of many girls, and many friends will make their own DIY at home. Recently, the popular cat eye nail art has become a trend. Do friends who DIY at home know how to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel? Let’s take a look with the editor below.

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel

The procedure for cat-eye nails is the same as other manicure steps. After applying the nail polish, use the iron suction sheet to pass it parallel to the nail surface. The position of the nail suction sheet is 3mm away from the nail, and it will take 3-5 seconds. You can light up the lights.

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel

Apply Nail Cat Eye Gel several times

Nail Cat Eye Gel can be applied twice in total, or three times if necessary. Generally, you need to illuminate the lamp after applying one layer. After applying the last layer, do not illuminate the lamp. Use a magnet tool to tilt the nail on top of the nail for a few seconds. If your magnet tool accidentally touches Nail Cat Eye Gel, you can remove all the nails, and then re-apply the Gel Polish.

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel

What to do if Nail Cat Eye Gel is loose

The correct way to operate the cat’s eye Gel Polish is to suck one finger and light it once, and then do the next finger. Because cat’s eye Gel Polish contains magnetic particles, the magnet that attracts cat’s eye is a powerful magnet. The distance between two fingers is so close. If you don’t use the lamp to cure and then suck the next one, the finger with the cat’s eye effect will suck a finger on the magnet. The effect is affected by the magnet.

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel

Should Nail Cat Eye Gel be painted with black Base Coat?

It needs to be painted black Base Coat. Using the cat’s eye gel of the same color number, one of the fingers is primed with black, and then the cat’s eye gel is brushed. The effect is very different from that of the single-coated cat’s eye gel. The color becomes darker, with the texture of metal and starry sky. When using a magnet, the angle of inclination is different, and cat-eye light in different directions can also be produced.

How to apply Nail Cat Eye Gel

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