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NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel: Nail Cat’s Eye Gel needs to be applied several times, how long is the best time to suck Nail Cat’s Eye Gel with a magnet?

Nail Cat’s Eye Gel needs to be applied several times?| NRN Nail Cat Eye Gel

Nail Cat's Eye Gel

Suck at close range for 5-6 seconds.
After applying a layer of eye gel, you can use the magnetic sheet to attract it. When the magnetic sheet is attracted, it must be in place in one step. Stop for 5-6 seconds at a close distance. Be sure to stabilize the magnetic sheet and not shake back and forth, such as moving green by the nail. , This will affect the effect. If the suction is not done well, you can go back to the previous step, re-apply and suck again with the suction sheet. Immediately after the magnetic sheet has absorbed the effect, put it in the phototherapy machine and bake it for two minutes, and then apply the sealing layer to bake it for two minutes.
The correct way to operate cat’s eye nail polish is to suck one finger and light it once, and then do the next finger. Because cat’s eye nail polish contains magnetic particles, the magnet that attracts cat’s eyes is a powerful magnet. The distance between two fingers is so close. If you suck the next one without curing with the lamp, the finger that sucked the cat’s eye before will suck a finger on the magnet. The effect is affected by the magnet.
Cat’s eye glue is a new technology derived from nail polish. The magnet powder in the cat’s eye glue will be attracted and gathered under the action of the magnet. Under the reflection of light, a light band like a cat’s pupil appears, that is, a narrow and bright reflection appears on the surface. Its effect is like cat’s eye, and its solid name is cat’s eye glue.
Steps for applying cat-eye nail polish:
1. Exfoliate, disinfect, and grease.
2. Gently polish the nail surface and clean the nail.
3. Apply binding agent (1 minute with phototherapy lamp).
4. Apply cat-eye nail polish with a moderate thickness and place it on the surface of the nail polish with a special cat-eye magnet stick, close to but not touching (the same as operating the phantom nail polish), the effect will appear immediately after three seconds. Use the phototherapy lamp for 3 minutes to set the shape.
5. After removing the top and removing the sealing layer, shine the light for 3 minutes, wipe the residue on the surface with clean gel water to get a shiny surface, just like the eyes of a cat.
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Nail Cat's Eye Gel

. How to use cat’s eye glue: 1. Mix 1 part A and 1 part B respectively and mix well.
2. Coat the AB agent mixture on the bonding surface.
3. The glued adhesive items must not be shifted or moved for at least 10 minutes, otherwise it will seriously affect the bonding effect.
4. Adhesive articles that have been glued can only be used normally after at least 4 hours, otherwise their curing effect and bonding life will be affected.
2. Precautions:
1. Both agents A and B must be stored in a cool place, and the two agents cannot be stacked at the same time.
2. If the two agents of A and B are mixed in large amounts, they will solidify rapidly and cause danger, so be careful.
5. After use, if the agent is attached to the skin, it should be washed with soap.
6. Coating tools or containers must not be mixed to avoid shortening the service life of the agent.

Nail Cat's Eye Gel
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