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NRN Nail Cat’s Eye Gel: The Principle of the Newest Nail Pictures 2021 Cat’s Eye Gel

2021 Cat’s Eye Gel | NRN Nail Cat’s Eye Gel

I believe you are not unfamiliar with cat eye nail art, because the style is exactly like cat eyes, so it is called cat eye nail art. So do you know the principle of cat eye nail art? Today, let the editor introduce to you the principle of cat-eye nail art and the process of making cat-eye nail art.

2021 Cat's Eye Gel

What is the principle of cat eye nail art

The magnet powder in the cat’s eye glue will be attracted and gathered under the action of the magnet. Under the reflection of light, a light band like cat’s eye pupil appears, that is, a narrow and bright reflection appears on the surface, its effect is like opal, and it is named cat’s eye glue.

2021 Cat's Eye Gel

The steps of cat eye nail art

The first of course is the basic trimming of nails and applying nail polish. Then apply cat-eye nail polish of moderate thickness to the nails and place it on the nail polish surface with a special cat-eye magnet stick, close to but not touching (same as phantom nail polish), the effect will appear immediately after three seconds. Use the phototherapy lamp for 3 minutes to set the shape.

2021 Cat's Eye Gel

Finally, you need to wipe the Top Coat and illuminate the light for 3 minutes. Wipe the residue on the surface with clean gel water to get a shiny surface, just like cat eyes. The things to note here are: 1. When using cat-eye nail polish, it is best to use it with a removable binder and a removable Top Coat. If it is not used, it will burst and be difficult to remove. 2. Apply cat eye nail polish only once, not too thin or too thick.

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