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NRN Nail Dip Powder: how to use acrylic powder for nail

What is the water on the nail acrylic pen?

What you are talking about is “nail liquid” or nail monomer
Pour the nail liquid into the glass solution cup, dip the nail brush with a small amount of solvent, (if too much can be filtered on the edge of the cup or the solvent dripping cup), use the nail liquid acrylic pen tip, and then dip an appropriate amount Use a mixture of nail liquid and acrylic powder to form an acrylic fat ball on the tip of the pen. Place the ball on the nail and shape it with a pen. Can be used as acrylic nail and acrylic carving nail.

how to use acrylic powder for nail

  1. Acrylic powder can chemically polymerize with nail liquid to form acrylic methyl ester.
  2. Acrylic powder can be mixed with the appropriate proportion of nail liquid, and then you can make the crystal nail extension according to your preference.
  3. There are three colors of crystal powder, one is transparent, one is white, and the other is pink and transparent.
    (1) The crystal powder is processed from high-quality natural crystal stone. SiO2 contains SiO2. It is used to make crystal nail body when used in nail art. There are many colors and colorless and transparent ones.
how to use acrylic powder for nail

(2) Nails are composed of protein, keratin, vitamins, minerals, and sulfur. So in short, a high-quality, high-protein diet is the basic condition for maintaining healthy nails.

(3) Because nails, skin, hair, bones, etc., belong to the connective tissue of the body.

(4) Therefore, nutritional supplements that are helpful to connective tissues are helpful to nails.

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