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What Does ph bond Do For Nails

What Does ph bond Do For Nails

what is ph bond used for ?the role of PH Bond in nail art

The Role Of PH Bond In Nail Art |NRN Nails Gel Polish

PH Bond: It is to make the nails drier by removing the excess oil on the nail surface, so that the nail polish can contact the nail surface more closely, and it is not easy to fall off.

Nail PH Bond is mainly used to increase the adhesion of Gel Polish and UV Gel, prevent falling off and smooth the nail surface.

Before making UV nails, manicurists usually use a sponge to polish the front edge and nail surface of the nails. After removing the powder and dust, apply PH Bond on the nail surface. That is, PH Bond is generally used after nail polish. Before applying Baes Coat, it will dry and strengthen.

In addition, applying nail polish with polish remover (not oily) will have the same effect. But the best effect is the manicure PH Bond, which can ensure that there is no excess oil on the nails so that the nails will not be very dry.

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Other common tools for nail art:

  1. Cuticle remover: It plays a role in softening the old cuticle in the nail repair process, which is to soften the dead skin when exfoliating so that the manicurist can remove the dead skin.
  2. Cuticle oil: Cuticle oil can moisturize the nails or the skin around the edges, and make the skin moist and shiny. Use cuticle oil after Top Coat. If you use nutrient oil after removing dead skin, it means that there is oil on the nail surface and there is no way to apply Base Coat.
  3. Base Coat: Enhance the adhesion of Gel polish, make Gel polish not easy to peel off from nails, make it more durable and beautiful, and also play a role in isolating and protecting the nail.
  4. Gel polish: instead of nail polish, it is a nail product that can be painted and removed directly on the nail. After the application is completed, it needs to be illuminated.
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Types of nail art:

Classified by purpose:

In the long history of nail art, nail art has its own purpose. In addition to the icing on the cake for women’s beauty, it also plays a unique role in some areas. Nail art can be divided into two categories according to its purpose, namely, life nail art and artistic nail art.

Life nails appear most frequently in daily life. Most life style nails are relatively simple, the length of the nails is moderate, the color is designed to match their own clothing and temperament, and the style tends to be conservative.

In daily life, it is rare to see people around to work and live with exaggerated and bold nails. After all, exaggerated nail styles will bring a little inconvenience to daily activities. Life nails are prerequisite for practicability and aesthetics, and are popular among fashionable women.

Artistic nail art combines culture and art, history and fashion, and is widely used in stage performances and art appreciation.

Classified by production materials:

Women are born with the potential to discover beauty. Even on the nails of the millimeter, different materials can be used to make the nails show their moving beauty. Nail art is made of rich and diverse materials. According to the classification of nail art materials, it can be divided into UV nails, silk nails, Acrylic nails, and glazed nails.

UV nail is a UV glue that uses the penetration effect of ultraviolet rays to solidify the natural resin gel components in the nail polish on the nail surface, thereby creating a tough, shiny, and durable advanced simulation nail technology. The biggest advantage of UV nails is that it is odorless and tasteless, and has good gloss. It can also strengthen the nail surface while decorating the nails.

Acrylic nails use the coagulation effect of Acrylic liquid on Acrylic powder to form Acrylic nails that are similar in color and hardness to natural nails on the nail surface. Acrylic nail can not only repair imperfect hand shapes, but also strengthen the nail surface, reduce the damage of gel polish to nails, and effectively protect natural nails.

Carved nails are nails formed by Acrylic liquid and carved powder. The carved pen is used to press and trim the nail surface to create different flower shapes and increase the three-dimensional effect of the nail surface. Carved armor is generally divided into three types: internal carving, external carving and three-dimensional carving.

Colored glaze nails are artificial nails that look like colored glaze. Unlike other manicure methods, the basic material is liquid fiber, that is, glazed glue. In addition to manicure, glazed nails can also change the growth shape of the nails. The nails coated with liquid fibers will grow according to the established shape, and the imperfect nail shape can also be improved.what is bonding gloss for nails

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