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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: 6 steps to teach you to DIY beautiful nails easily

6 steps to teach you to DIY beautiful nails easily | NRN Nail Tutorial

DIY beautiful nails

Nail art is a work of decorating and beautifying finger (toe) nails, also known as nail art design. Nail art is a process of disinfection, cleaning, care, maintenance, modification and beautification of the nail (toe) according to the customer’s hand shape, nail shape, skin quality, clothing color and requirements. It has the characteristics of diverse manifestations.

Summer manicure

1. Apply nail primer before applying nail polish

The pigment in the nail polish is the culprit that invades the nails, makes the nails yellow and breakable, so before applying your beloved and beautiful nail polish, you must not neglect to apply the nail primer. It can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by the paint. If you like to change the color of your nails every day, the link of primer must not be ignored.

2. Not applying facial oil will make the nail surface vulnerable

The face polish can protect the surface of the nail polish, so that the patterns and patterns on the nail surface will not be vulnerable. If you don’t want to scratch or damage the masterpiece that has been painted hard, the nail polish is a protective clothing for nail polish.

3. For short nails, dark nail polish is best

For women with short nails, it is better to give up the plan to use dark nail polish! The dark color has a visual contraction effect. It will only make the nails shorter and shorter, and the nails as big as red beans will only make the fingers appear stubby.

Fourth, the nail color should be coordinated

Maintaining the same color of the nails on the hands and feet can leave an elegant and detailed impression.

Five, don’t underestimate manicure tools

Do not underestimate the manicure tool, it can shape your nails, make them smooth, and lay the foundation before applying beautiful nail polish.

DIY beautiful nails

Nail pattern

1. Exquisite nail art pattern with golden bow

The golden nail art, the shining light is so beautiful, the pure bow on the index finger,

Exquisite nail art pattern with golden bow

Exquisite nail art pattern with golden bow

Sweet and cute, it shows all the ladylike style, which is great. Shining and warm golden nail art, the bow pattern on it is very exquisite, showing the sweet wind at your fingertips, making you the focus.

2. Exquisite watermelon nail designs

The pure and sweet watermelon pattern has a cool feeling? The feeling brought us back to the summer, shining with the unique light of watermelon, and a small fresh feeling. The small fresh and lovely watermelon nail pattern, which feels back to summer, is an exquisite nail pattern that combines sweetness, cuteness and freshness.

3. Exquisite nail art patterns with colorful beads

Colorful beads, so beautiful, colorful colors, very dazzling, give people a feeling of youthful vitality, the temptation of colorful fingertips, can you bear it? Very beautiful, showing a unique colorful.

4. Heart-shaped exquisite nail art pattern

Looking at the heart shape on the nails, what do you think of? bride? Couple? It feels very love, exquisite and shiny nails, inlaid with heart-shaped and some crystal beads, delicate and sweet.

5. Exquisite striped nail designs

Striped patterns are also welcomed by many MMs. Look, the black and white stripes on the fingertips are staggered, showing a low-key luxury. The unique crystal white design on the ring finger is very beautiful and unique and exquisite nail art patterns.

DIY beautiful nails

Basic repair

Let’s introduce the grooming and care of home nails

Grooming nails

The first is to remove the old nail polish. Dip the nail polish remover with cotton and rub it from the bottom of the nail to the tip several times to remove it completely. Then use manicure tools to trim the shape of the nails. After finishing, soak your hands in soapy water to make the skin soft. Wipe your fingers and finger joints carefully with a towel. If necessary, cuticle scissors and small tweezers can be used to remove the internal thorns and uneven dead skin of the nail root.

Prime your nails first when applying nail polish. In addition to applying grease or cream around the nails and roots, apply a protective layer on the nails. Shake the nail polish before applying nail polish to try to make the color in the bottle uniform.

Choose the color

The colors of nail polish are rose red, scarlet, flesh color, bean paste color, silver and so on. The most popular nail polishes are translucent pink and beige, and light-colored nail polishes are the most fashionable today. The nail polish can be color-coded at will. You don’t have to buy a lot of nail polish to cope with the color change of the clothing. You only need to buy a few main colors and use the method of overlapping colors or partitioning colors with the original colors on hand. Blending nail polish, you will receive unexpected results.

When overlapping colors, you can just apply a layer of bright and bright colors with high chroma, and then apply a layer of space colors full of pearl texture to create another color effect.

When matching colors in zones, you can paint a contrasting color on the tip of your fingertips and your nails to match; or divide your ten-finger nails into two areas on the left and right. You can also use two or more colors with contrasting colors at intervals, or a coordinated color .

French nails are painted with a different color from the original color on the crescent area above the nail. If the background color is white, you can paint the crescent area with bright contrasting colors of red and black; or paint the white background with tender orange, goose yellow, pink blue or pink. The form of dyeing nails can be divided into full style and crescent style.

Fine coating

When applying nail polish, it is best not to let the bristles get too much nail polish. You should wipe it gently at the mouth of the bottle and adjust the bristles smoothly. You must also pay attention to the following points when rubbing nail polish:

When applying nail polish, usually apply a stroke from the middle of the nail base forward, and then apply a stroke along both sides of the nail. That is to say, the brush is in the center, followed by the two sides in order to brush about three times in order to prevent the nail polish from falling off quickly.

In order to increase the durability of nail polish, you can also apply a layer on the tip of the nail first, and then rub the oil on the entire nail. Or wipe the oil in two batches: the first batch of oil should be brushed less so that the oil is easy to dry. The second batch of nail polish needs more. After wiping the oil, use a cotton swab to wipe off the oil stains on the surrounding fingers.

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