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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: Aurora Powder Nail Art Tutorial

Aurora Powder Nail Art Tutorial

The most popular nail art for spring and summer in 2021 is aurora powder. This sparkling nail art is very simple! First, coat your nails with a base coat, and after the base coat is applied, dry the nails with a UV lamp. At this time, apply colored nail polish to the nails. You can choose the color of the nails according to your needs. After applying colored gel polish to your nails, you need to apply top
coat. After each coat, dry your nails with a lamp. After the top coat is applied, the aurora powder can be used. Dip a small amount of aurora powder on the nail surface with a silicone stick, finger or cotton swab and rub it gently. After the effect is achieved, clean the top coat with a dust brush, apply a top coat and wait for it to dry.

  1. Apply base coat first.
  2. Then apply nude color gel/healthy red gel. If your nails are very rosy, you don’t need to apply color gel.
  3. Apply no wipe top coat again.
  4. The LED lights are used to dry each step above.
  5. Use a silicone stick, fingers or cotton swab to take a small amount of aurora powder on the nail surface and rub it gently.
  6. After reaching the desired effect, clean it up with a dust brush.
  7. Apply top coat LED light to dry.
Nail Art Tutorial

The order of use of nail polish powder is after no wipe top coat. Aurora nail art is very eye-catching. It can even show a variety of colors in the sun. It can also be matched with a solid color gel polish, and it will have unexpected effects.

Nail Art Tutorial

The aurora powder itself has no color, but when applied to the nail, it will show a different luster due to the light. Therefore, before using the aurora powder, first use colored gel polish to base the nails. The base color can be a light color of the same color, such as nude or light pink. The nail art will be clearer and has a fairy air. You can also choose some dark background colors, and the final effect will be darker, showing a slight background color.

Nail Art Tutorial

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