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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How long can velvet nails last? Do velvet nails use top coat?

How to make velvet nails tutorial | NRN Nail Tutorial

Velvet nails is a kind of manicure that many people are interested in. There are many styles of velvet nails. Many people have made velvet nails. Velvet nails are also very suitable for autumn and winter. The style of velvet nails is special, and many people don’t know it well.

Generally, velvet armor can last about three to four days, because the velvet on the surface can easily fall off

Velvet armor is only made to look good, but if the hair does not fall off after being wet, it will feel dirty. Velvet nails look good, but because the plush on the surface was added later, not the nail polish, so if you are a householder, the plush on the surface will fall off after a while. People who don’t do housework fall more slowly, and if they do, they will fall. For velvet nails, if you use UV gel as a base color, the retention time is still very long. If you use nail polish as a primer, it will fall off in about 3 days. How long can you get wet? This question It depends on your nail polish or UV gel. If the UV gel dries after the UV gel light, you can dip it in water. If the nail polish or nail polish usually dries in 30 minutes, then you can dip it in after 40 minutes That’s it. If the velvet is off, you can also use a brush to smooth it and then apply a layer of nail polish and sprinkle a layer of nail polish. It is the same as applying nail polish. In addition, the color of velvet nails will become darker when they are exposed to water, that is, they will be wet, and they will be restored after drying. It will not affect it~

How to make velvet nails

first step

Apply Base Coat and cure with light. Take white gel polish (WB01) and blue fur glue (P-03) to blend (a little fur glue is enough~), apply a layer of blended gel polish and cure with light. Brush it again for full color and cure with the lamp.

Second step

Wipe off the nail surface scum with a cleaning cotton dipped in cleaning fluid, as shown in the figure.

third step

Take the top coat to blend with the black and blue velvet powder, and use a small brush to dip the blended gel polish to draw good pieces, as shown in the figure, and then use a small brush to dip the blended blue velvet powder to make irregular silk The silk texture, as shown in the picture, is cured under the light.

the fourth step

Apply a layer of TOP NO WIPE to smooth the nail surface and cure it with light. Use a hook pen dipped in white paint glue (Art01) to pile up a vertical dotted texture between the color blocks, as shown in the figure, and then pile up a horizontal texture, and then the light will cure.

the fifth step

Paste the white English letter stickers in the appropriate position, as shown in the figure. Finally, brush the TOP MATTE and cure with the lamp. This style is complete~ The gel polish and other materials used in this style: Base Coat, white gel polish (WB01), blue fur glue (P-03), no-wash sealing layer (TOP NO WIPE), white painting Glue (Art01), black velvet powder, blue velvet powder, white alphabet stickers, frosted seal (TOP MATTE).

How to make velvet nails

Step 1: Prepare the nail polish and tools needed, trim the nails and polish the nail surface. Apply the Base Coat and light for 60 seconds. Apply purple platinum gel, white and gray gel polish to the entire nail, and illuminate for 60 seconds. To make the color fuller, brush it again and light it for 60 seconds. Then apply a layer of top coat on the ring finger, without lighting~

Step 2: Use tweezers to take the gray velvet powder and evenly sprinkle it on the nail surface, as shown in the figure, and light it for 60 seconds.

Step 3: Dip black gel polish with a hook line pen to draw an x-shaped line on the middle finger, and illuminate for 60 seconds.

Step 4: First brush the top coat in the horizontally opposite triangle, sprinkle with gray velvet powder with tweezers, and light for 60 seconds. Brush the top coat on the other two triangles, sprinkle with purple velvet powder, and illuminate for 60 seconds.

Step 5: Follow the same method to complete the pattern on the thumb, and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step 6: Brush the diamond gel on the back edge of the ring finger, glue the pearl jewelry, and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step 7: Brush on the back edge of the middle finger with a diamond gel and glue the gold bar, as shown in the figure, and light it for 60 seconds. After the nails are dry, finally apply the top coat on the index finger and little finger, and this style is complete.
The gold and silver thread is best done on the nail polish and sealed with TOP NO WIPE. Nail polish is easy to curl up when you do this. The fading is due to the quality of the gold and silver thread.

How to make velvet nails

The correct method: First, smooth your nails and clean your barbs and dead skin. After applying the primer, apply white nail polish. Pay attention to applying each nail no more than three times to avoid excessive thickness or unevenness. While the nail polish is not dry, take the middle third of the nail, use tweezers to take the gold and silver thread, and stick it on both sides, as long as it seems to occupy one third of the area, no need to be too tangled, pay attention to the root of the nail At the beginning, extend to the end of the nail to achieve the purpose of delimiting the pattern. The next gold and silver lines pass through the parallel lines used to delimit the range to form a fixed angle of intersection, so as to achieve a triangular pattern, but pay attention to the angle size to be similar or even consistent, otherwise the pattern size will be different. One, it becomes very ugly. At the junction of the newly added gold and silver line and the parallel line, place another gold and silver line to form an isosceles triangle with the other parallel line. In this way, a complete triangle frame is completed. If you want more If it looks good, you need to practice several times.

According to the above method, continue to complete the remaining triangle patterns, and there will be a complete row of triangles on the nails, and the prototype has come out. One advantage of this is that the edges are flat and relatively uniform in size, which presents a good visual effect. After the red nail polish is dry, apply blue nail polish on the remaining blank part. The gold and silver lines on the nails are dipped in excess nail polish, but it does not matter, just tear off the gold and silver lines, the excess nail polish Took away, so there is no need to toss with cotton swabs or toothpicks. After the red and blue nail polish is dry, slowly tear off the gold and silver threads and apply a fixed color gloss polish. The fun triangle pattern nail polish is complete. You can also paste the flash diamonds, or create a gradual nail effect.

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