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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How often do nails better for nails? Can nails be done continuously?

How often do nails better for nails ,Can nails be done continuously? | NRN Nail Tutorial

Many girls who love beauty also need to update their nails. Sometimes the nails are changed to other styles soon after they are done. If the nails are done continuously, it is not very good. Not only is it bad for the body, but also for the nails.

Nails cannot be done continuously

  1. Thinning nails

In fact, nails existed in ancient times, but only dyed with petals at that time did not cause much impact, but the staying time would be relatively slow, so now there is a technique of grinding nails, which can extend our nails It’s a long-lasting nature, but sharpening the nails is very harmful to the nails. If you sharpen it once, the nails will become thinner and thinner. The nails will feel pain when you touch them lightly. This pain is not caused by the nails. Yes, but the meat inside the nails, because the nails are always protecting the meat inside the nails, but grinding the nails again and again will damage the protection of the nails, causing the meat inside to produce pain, so the nails are sharpened. One step must be done less.

  1. Discoloration of nails

When making nails, we always choose a color, and there are many styles in terms of color. After we make perfect nails, we can see that the color has reached our nails. This color is very difficult to fall off. , Will stay on our fingers for a long time, but after a long time our nails will be slowly damaged by nail art, causing serious discoloration of the nails. When we remove the nail art, we will also find that the color of the nails will change It’s very strange, there is a blackening phenomenon, and this phenomenon is because of the residue left after the nail art, if the nail color is not brought back in time, then you can only wait for the new nail to come out and then cut it off.

  1. Broken nails

Some girls with relatively thin and brittle nails don’t recommend doing nails, because doing it once will cause great damage to our nails, and some parts will even fall off directly, and it will become very unsightly. When our nails have this kind of problem, we must clean up the nails in time, so that there is a chance of salvation and the nails will return to their original healthy state.

How often do nails

The tools we need are

Nail polish remover glue, tin foil, nail moisturizing oil, polishing strips, small sticks, small scissors.

  1. First of all, if there are bright diamonds on the nails, use small scissors to cut them off.
  2. Then use a polishing strip to slowly polish off the gel polish.

You can try to polish it by changing several sides, and finally the nail surface will be white.

  1. Dip a cotton pad with nail polish remover glue

Dip the nail polish remover with a cotton pad and wrap it in tin foil.

  1. Cover your nails

Then wrap the nails with foil.

Wait for 10-15 minutes, until the nail polish surface will float.

  1. Rub the nail polish on the nail surface

Then we have a special nail polisher to gently rub the nail polish on the surface of the nail.

Wipe off the residue on the nail surface with a wet paper towel.

Then apply a coat of nail moisturizing oil!

How often do nails

Researchers have used a reflection confocal microscope to calculate the thickness of the nail before and after the manicure, and found that the average thickness before the manicure is 0.59 mm, and the average thickness after the manicure is removed is 0.30 mm, which is almost half the thickness. Not only that, in addition to subjectively feeling that their nails were thinner and more brittle than before, some also said that their nail tips would split in layers.
If it’s nail polish, UV gel can last a little more than a week for about four to five days. Generally, although the nails are not broken after the time is up, it is recommended to remove them. Long-term attachment of nail polish or phototherapy can cause nail hypoxia , Yellowing, so after removing the nails, you must give the nails time to breathe fully, and then do the next nail art after about half a week or a week

How often do nails

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