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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to apply magic mirror powder

apply magic mirror powder first or apply top coat first? Tips for Using Magic Mirror Powder|NRN Nail Tutorial

Magic mirror powder is a very common nail style. Magic mirror powder can create a mirror feeling and is an artifact of nails. Many people like magic mirror powder nail styles. Magic mirror powder is relatively expensive in nail salons.

When making magic mirror powder manicure, you need to apply a layer of no wipe top coat first. After the lamp is cured, dip a small amount of magic mirror powder with a sponge brush and gently press it on the nail surface to cure the lamp.

  1. First, evenly brush the base coat on the polished nail surface, and apply thinly your favorite nail polish after it is dry.
  2. Apply no wipe top coat and light the lamp for about 30 seconds.
  3. Dip a small amount of magic mirror powder with a sponge brush, gently press it on the nail surface with a thin coating, and cure it with the lamp.
  4. After evenly spreading, use a cotton swab to rub the nail surface up and down until a smooth mirror effect appears.
  5. Gently brush off the excess powder with a brush, and apply Reinforced plastic, top coat backlight until it is dry.
apply magic mirror powder

Matters needing attention when using magic mirror powder

  1. The magic mirror powder is a kind of non-sticky ink. After no wipe top coat, it cannot stick to the gel polish applied on the back. It cannot be integrated as normal gel polish, and it is easy to fall off. Therefore, the color of the primer should not be too different from the color of the magic mirror powder itself. You can choose a primer with a similar color.
  2. The magic mirror powder must not be encapsulated, and it must be applied thinly to prevent it from falling off easily. The magic mirror powder falls off because the magic mirror powder on the fingertips layered the gel polish, so neither the magic mirror powder that affects the fusion of gel polish nor the no wipe top coat entrained in the middle can be applied to the fingertips.
apply magic mirror powder

The preparation materials include silver sequin painted gel, Reinforced plastic, transparent model gel, and drawing pen.

  1. After the base coat is applied, apply a layer of silver sequined gel polish on the nail surface and illuminate for 60 seconds.
  2. Apply a layer of sequin gel again and light for 60 seconds.
  3. Brush a layer of Reinforced plastic on the nail surface, shine the light for 60 seconds, and then wipe off the floating gel. After the sequin gel dries, the nail surface will be a little uneven, plus Reinforced plastic can keep the nail surface flat, and the texture will be neater.
  4. Dip the transparent model gel with a drawing pen, draw three “s”-shaped curves on the nail surface, and illuminate for 30 seconds. The model glue used is also called builder gel. It is a relatively viscous transparent gel with a brushed texture, and the drawn lines are not easy to collapse. Someone asked whether we can use a transparent base coat to make a water ripple nail. Personally find it a little difficult, because the base coat is very fluid and can’t make precise lines.
  5. Use model gel to deepen the three-dimensional texture of the texture, and illuminate for 60 seconds. When making the texture, you can deepen it several times in a small amount to achieve the three-dimensional effect you want, and then apply the top coat to the entire nail and light it for 60 seconds. This water ripple nail art is complete~ The actual effect is very three-dimensional, and the effect on the photo is not very obvious.
apply magic mirror powder

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