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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to apply rivet nail tutorial

How to apply rivet nail correctly|NRN Nail Tutorial

How to apply rivet nail tutorial

The temptation of rivets is everywhere. The girls have no resistance to it, and they don’t let go of their nails. Here are the steps of rivet nail art. Let’s learn about it.

Step 1. Brush the base coat and cure with the lamp, it looks the same, then set aside the anti-method junction area on the back edge of the nail surface, brush a white anti-method, cure the lamp, and brush it again to make the color fuller. The lamp cures.

Step 2. Dip the inscription yellow glitter gel with the hook line pen and draw the arc from the reverse French boundary line, as shown in the figure, the light is cured.

Step 3. Dip the jewelry glue with a ball pen, and brush it on the position where the jewelry is attached.

Step 4. Use tweezers to pick up light powder, horizon, and shell powder, and place the three colors of shells on the position where the jewelry glue is applied, and light to cure.

Step 5, then put on different rivets for decoration, and light curing.

Step 6, complete the top coat step, and you are done.

Tips: When brushing the top coat, pay attention to brush a little more around the shells and rivets, so that the entire nail surface is wrapped in the sealing layer, so that the nail surface is stronger~

Black rivet nail art steps

  1. First, we make a black background color and cure it with the light.
  2. Take the white gel polish, remove the center axis of the nail surface, estimate the high and low points of the flag, and draw a straight line.
  3. Draw the outline of the right half of the flag.
  4. Try to keep symmetrical and draw half-side outlines.
  5. Fill the background color of the banner, fill it firmly, and solidify the light.
  6. Take the black gel polish and draw a black inner frame along the outer contour to enhance the size of the shape.
  7. Draw a horizontal line inside the flag.
  8. Start with the letter in the middle. Conducive to symmetry and grasp the overall layout.
  9. Then start adding letters on the left and right sides respectively.
  10. Complete the letter addition in the upper half.
  11. After adding the lower number, the logo is complete and the light is cured.
  12. We apply transparent gel again and start to paste square rivets.
  13. After the lamp is cured, we complete the final top coat step.

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